10.21.22 — From “white paper ideas to biomanufacturing realities6 best practices for biopharma talent management in 2023


Here we discuss how innovative digital technologies can address the challenges faced by biopharmaceutical companies in overcoming the limits of manufacturing productivity and scalability.

For reagents, security of supply is a regulatory requirement, an essential factor in the constant monitoring of host cell proteins (HCPs) during the production of a biological product.

We demonstrate three purification methods that provide alternative options for successfully purifying a monoclonal antibody in less than 30 minutes with yields greater than 95%.

Can supply chain assurance be maintained while providing a range of possibilities to achieve complex process designs? Find out if you could benefit from a modular, standardized, single-use manifold design.

Cancer immunotherapy biotech Pionyr Immunotherapeutics needed to quickly develop a third lead candidate from the outset and ramp up production after technology transfer.

What applications are being explored for lipid nanoparticle delivery technologies? Dr. Jay Natarajan, R&D Director, Competence Center for LNP Technology, answers questions here.

The outcome of regulatory compliance with quality standards is binary, but the processes used to achieve it need not be rigid, inefficient and expensive. Find out how innovation drives efficiencies.

The clinical gene therapy pipeline is in a phase of strong growth, with an influx of venture capital funding. There are also challenges: scalability, dosage and price of the final treatment.

We demonstrate a new material composed of nanofibers that can bring rapid flow rates and increased binding capabilities to the purification of biological products.

This study reviews a fully controlled system allowing expansion of a high yield of viable cells and optimizing the production of high quality extracellular vesicles under standardized culture conditions.

The more efficient your API synthesis, the lower your cost of goods. The author shares his tricks of the trade for route selection, equipment choice, manufacturing techniques, and more.

This article digs deeper into aseptic sampling devices to explain how they deliver exceptional performance in the contamination control effort.

To be able to meet the growing needs of patients around the world, a company must have a strategy capable of driving new biological therapies throughout the development timeline.

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