10 easy DIY trellis ideas for your garden


Often at the base of gardens, trellises can take many forms and serve a variety of purposes. Generally made of wooden or metal bars, the frame is commonly used to support climbing plants or fruit trees. Freestanding versions like pergolas can easily define walkways while providing some shade and privacy. Some are meant to spruce up plain walls with vibrant, blooming vines. Others can give vegetables like cucumbers room to grow properly in a garden.

While there are many trellises available to buy online, making your own can ensure you get exactly what you want. You can customize it to suit your gardening needs and style preferences. Plus, it can often be more economical! If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Ahead, browse through DIY trellis ideas that dedicated gardeners have come up with. From a honeycomb-shaped wooden trellis to one crafted from copper pipe, these displays are a major source of inspiration for any garden.

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garden arch trellis

Make a statement at the entrance to your garden or along a scenic path with an arched trellis. For this one, blogger Michelle Cannon Smith used wire fences and metal fence posts to display climbing roses.

Get the tutorial at Iron and Twine.


Intersecting wall trellis

Brighten up your deck with a criss-cross wood wall trellis. Paint it a bright color for a neutral. Blogger Kate Riley designed this blank to frame a European style water fountain.

Get the tutorial at Sensational Style.


wire mesh

For something simple but totally customizable, use wire attached to a wall in any design. This diamond-shaped trellis of Recovered life showcases a once bare brick wall.

Get the tutorial at Recovered life.


ladder trellis

Tuck a ladder trellis made of branches into a corner of your home’s exterior. Hanging pots hold the plants while the branches allow them to spread out to form a stunning display.

Get the tutorial at Ashbee Design.


honeycomb lattice

The best part about this honeycomb trellis? You can create as many hexagons as you want and arrange them as you wish. Blogger Mom needs a project used a light wood stain to make this one stand out against the wooden fence.

Get the tutorial at Mom needs a project.


copper trellis

Introduce a bit of metallic elegance to your garden with this trellis made up of copper pipes. Over time, it will age for a beautiful patina. Plant anything from climbing hydrangea to morning glories, like the blogger behind 33 shades of green done here.

Get the tutorial at 33 shades of green.


Trellis Cucumber Palette

Grow cucumbers? Turn a heat-treated wood pallet into a lattice to make the process easier. The only other material you need is string, and you’re good to go. No tools are required!

Get the tutorial at beautiful greens.


rustic trellis

For a natural look, build a trellis made up of arching branches. This one as author and gardener Ellen Ecker OgdenThe garden of is proof that the effort required to achieve it was worth it.

Get the tutorial at Ellen Ogden.


Single trellis

Anyone can make this basic and economical trellis. All you need is wood, wood screws and primer. Add paint or wood stain if you want to take it to the next level.

Get the tutorial at Gina Michele.



A pergola can easily define any outdoor gathering area. This one requires a bit of heavy lifting given its size, but it will impress anyone passing by, especially once it is covered in flowering or fruiting vines.

Get the tutorial from A piece of rainbow.

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