13 fun and creative book storage ideas


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Storing books doesn’t always mean traditional shelves. The shelves are big and wonderful, but sometimes we don’t have the space or the funds for them. Sometimes we live in studios, or small apartments, or dorms and other spaces where we maybe only have our own room to keep our books. Or maybe you just want to find a more interesting and creative way to show off your book collections. After all, why not scatter your books all over the house instead of putting them all in one place? Books must be everywhere! Books must multiply and prosper in every corner! You set the rules for creative book storage ideas!

There are plenty of other ways to store your books, and we’ve got a list of creative book storage ideas for you at different price points if space and funds are an important consideration (every item except one is under $ 100. ), along with a few other traditional options in case you’re looking for something more classic with a touch of design. Want to try your hand at building something yourself? There are also a few DIY options below.

Think of it as a way to infuse your personal style, taste, and personality into your book storage in the most cost effective way possible. What if some of these options give you an excuse to buy Following books because now you have room for them, well… so my work here is done.

Wooden crate to read

Want to make a real dent in your TBR stack? Take this rustic wooden crate by Chic bird designs, specially designed for books waiting to be read, and store your next readings inside. Price: $ 26

Shelf on casters

pink metal rolling cart with books on the bottom shelf and a teapot on the middle shelf

Bring your books with you wherever you want to go in this Rolling Shelf in EG Household items. Bonus: it’s available in black, blue, pink, white, yellow, and dark blue. Price: $ 38

Corner wooden wall shelf

wooden corner wall shelf with books and candles on the shelves

Store your books in this beautifully simple corner wall shelf by Nova furniture group. It takes up little space and is a stylish way to store and show off your books. Get it in gray, natural or walnut shades! Price: $ 42

Steel Pipe Book Holder

steel tube bookshelf with books in the center

Go completely industrial with this book rack made entirely of tubular steel by Schmidtfer Houses. You can get different lengths depending on how much space you have and the spines of the books will display perfectly. Creative storage and a great conversation piece! The price starts at $ 54.

DIY Pallet Library

two wooden shelves of pallets hanging on a wall with children's books inside

Make your own hanging shelves with wooden pallets using Jenna Burger Design’s DIY project. While they don’t store as many books as you would like, they are great for showing off your favorite collections, and you can choose any stain you want to personalize to personalize your shelves to match the decor of your space.

Set of two floating shelves

two gray wooden hanging shelves with books, plants and candles on the shelves

Showcase your book collections on these rustic floating wood shelves. Cherry tree gallery will apply your choice of stain to these shelves to match any decor, from dark walnut to golden pine, cherry red, and more. Price: $ 58.

Corner wall bookcase

white corner wall bookcase with books on the arms and a plant on the top shelf

Get ultra modern with this corner wall bookcase from Design of Maison JV. The extended arms can hold even more books, while taking up less space than a traditional bookshelf. Price: $ 68

DIY wine crate bookcase

wooden wine crate full of books next to a pink chair

Wine crates and other wooden crates are great creative storage for books. You can either buy them on Etsy Or other as clever as the shops, Where Check with wine merchants or local liquor stores to see if they are donating or selling their cases. I got mine from a friend, and they made a unique and fun book storage. (Also the cat beds. That wine crate in the lower right of the photo? It’s my cat’s nap crate. They love it.)

Rope floating bookcase

three tiered shelves held together by a rope hanging from a wall, with books on each shelf

Place your books on this 3 tier hanging shelf in Mume store, held by a strong rope that you can fix to the wall. This one is perfect for a rustic and shabby chic decor theme, especially if you have limited floor space. Price: $ 84

DIY tree bookcase

tree-shaped bookcase with books on each branch shelf

Are you feeling creative? Want to bring a little nature to your book storage? Buy this DIY digital download for $ 10 from Let’s build our nest for all the instructions you need to build your own custom tree library.

Invisible floating bookcases

invisible floating metal shelves stacked with books along a wall, next to a flowering plant

Confuse anyone who enters your space when they see your books floating in the air along your walls. These invisible metal floating shelves from Galleksa can help you perform this handy magic and provide you with a fun and creative way to store your books for all to see. Pick up a set of 4 for $ 94.

Free-standing tree bookcase

free-standing tree-shaped shelf with books on each shelf in the corner of a bedroom

This 8 tier freestanding bookcase handcrafted by Treasures of Shpfrlss is a really cool way to present your books however you choose, whether it’s by genre, author, cover color, or reading order. It doesn’t take up much space, and the levels offer a surprising amount of book storage. Price: $ 98

Geometric bookcase

modern geometric bookcase in living room with books and knickknacks in each cube.

Are you looking for something modern and unconventional? Look no further than this geometric library of Spirit Home US. This eye-catching yet understated bookcase gives you so many different ways to store and display your books that a more traditional bookshelf can’t quite afford them. Priced at $ 188.

See? So many cool and creative book storage options, using every possible corner, wall and floor space you have available. We hope you’ve found something to your liking!

If you want even more ideas, explore some book storage ideas for kids and how to organize these books to fit your living space.


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