20 great Christmas gift ideas for your Maine mom that aren’t lame


Buying for mom is always a challenge, so I’ve come up with a list of 20 ideas your mom might appreciate as a gesture from your heart.

As a mom myself, I know I can be hard to buy. My kids ask me every year what I want for Christmas, and every year I find it hard to give them suggestions. They always do a great job, but I admit it’s a challenge. Often times they buy me something with penguins on it because they know I collect them. And I love each of them.

I also recognize this struggle as a girl. It’s not always easy to know what to get mom. You don’t necessarily want to give her something too practical, which she may perceive as more “for the house” than for herself. (think salad launchers and automated potato peelers) But it’s hard to determine what kind of more personal gift would be something she’d like. In the end, too many of us go for something obvious, instead of trying to get creative with our gifts.

What are the best Christmas gifts I have ever received from my children? One year they pooled their resources and bought me a laptop because they saw my frustration with my aging model who couldn’t load my favorite game. It was an exceptional gift, not because it was extravagant, but because they had identified something that I really needed. What’s the worst? Now, my kids could read this, so I’ll be arguing the fifth on that one.

20 great Christmas gift ideas for your Maine mom that aren’t lame

Buying for mom can be a challenge, so I found 20 ideas that aren’t lame and that she might really like.

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