220 Media & Marketing announces new publication from Casey Morris, PhD, illustrating fairness and equality for our younger generations

Chicago, IL, February 19, 2022 — (PR.com) — Dr. Casey Morris speaks to school-aged children in his new book, It’s Not Fair: A Lesson in Fairness vs. through lively storytelling so they understand how to tell the two apart in our ever-changing environment. This book is an educational and fun tool to help us visualize what it means to practice fairness.

Bay-Area native Casey Morris, PhD is also the author of “The Playground Queen” and a subject matter expert (SME) and blogger on diversity and inclusion. She has a doctorate in higher education, is a one-time children’s book author, a former athlete, and currently a consultant at a major tech company.

Dr. Morris shares, “It’s Not Fair” explains what it means to be fair through the simplest demonstration. Two classmates who are close friends and look a lot alike are involved in an activity. The activity helps classmates and readers understand that we cannot distribute resources evenly when one person or group starts from behind. An equitable distribution of resources alone will not be enough to close the gaps that exist.

In honor of Black History Month, Dr. Morris’ new book is being featured in various media to raise awareness and educate about this topic. “It’s Not Fair: A Lesson in Fairness Vs Equality” is sponsored by 220 Media and Marketing and is available now on Amazon.com.

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