23 Aries gift ideas for his birthday


Say hello to Aries season! People born under the sign of Aries, the first of the zodiac, are “fun and fearless”, according to Annabel GatVice’s lead astrologer and author of “The astrology of love and sex” and “The guide to the moon signs.” “This fire sign is full of life and ready to celebrate,” Gat says.

When it comes to choosing the perfect birthday gift for the Aries in your life, Gat says to skip the experience in favor of the sentimental. “Aries are very spontaneous and usually have no problem planning outings for themselves, so it’s usually not worth offering them an experience unless they specifically ask for it.” Instead, she suggests making a play for the fiery Aries’ heartstrings, “Aries are surprisingly sentimental, so meaningful gifts go a long way with them.”

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 23 perfect gifts for the Aries in your life.

Gat says people born under the sign of Aries “have an interesting dichotomy of fierce yet sweet and innocent that draws people to them, which means there’s usually plenty of people to celebrate their lives with them when their birthday comes. come”. Party accessories like instant cameras will be a big hit with those big partygoers.

Karaoke microphone

“Aries love to celebrate their birthdays to the fullest,” says Gat, “so anything that helps them do that, from a karaoke mic to glassware for a toast, works.”

Trinkware Goldosa Stemless Champagne Flute with Gold Luster

This set of four gold embossed stemless champagne flutes is well over the price, leaving you plenty of money to splurge on a fancy bottle of champagne to toast your favorite Aries!

Bracelet forever 1976

“They’re always up for a good time, and while they’ve been known to sometimes have quick tempers or short attention spans, they’re also loyal friends,” Gat says. Give your best friend one of Catbird’s forever bracelets and zap it on their wrist with their free soldering service.

Valentino Color-Flip Multi-Look Eyeshadow Palette

Each zodiac sign has a color associated with it, and it’s no surprise that red represents bold and assertive Aries. Red gifts will be a big hit, as will super-luxurious, super-glamorous items like this Valentino eyeshadow palette in a dazzling red and gold case.

Gucci Extra Small red heart ring with interlocking G

Red jewelry is a great way to incorporate Aries’ signature color into a birthday gift the Aries can enjoy for years to come. This Gucci red heart ring is the perfect combination of toughness and tenderness, just like an Aries.

Aries Gift Box

Our Associate Editor Kai Burkhardt is an Aries, so we asked him for his expert advice – and we’re thrilled! His first suggestion is a bit surprising, but his logic is sound: “Since we’re hot-headed, anything that helps an Aries relax would be fine.” This gift set includes a lavender sleep blend candle and a relaxing pillow mist.

Nolaskinsentials Let's Get Intimate Scrub

Burkhardt says personal care items like meditation tools, weighted blankets, and spa treatments make great gifts for an Aries (we generally think soothing gifts are for these sensitive water signs!) we love this fiery red body scrub for its nod to Nature Aries.

Heartbeat Red Habanero Hot Sauce

Of course, Aries is known for its fiery temper – after all, Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, ruled by the god of war. “If you want to fuel the flames, you can also throw hot sauces in there,” jokes Burkhardt.

Cast iron outdoor fire pit Amagabeli Garden & Home

The very literal spirits among us can bring the theme of fire to its natural conclusion and offer the gift of real fire – in the form of a fireplace!

Flame Mystical Fire Coloring

But maybe the Aries in your life already has a home — and if they love the outdoors, you can bet they do! – in which case these flame color changers are a fun gift to make a night around the fire even more festive.

Classic Notebook

An Aries friend who asked to remain anonymous shared some thoughts on the Aries experience. “Aries sometimes gets a bad rap – people think we’re all mad, but I prefer to think of us as determined and resourceful!” And we’re a great friend when you need a little extra help. (Can confirm!) She suggested gifts for the determined person in your life who won’t take no for an answer. Among them are the notebooks of Leuchtturm1917, which, according to her, “are by far the best notebooks. Smooth paper. Hard covers. Lots of line options. And they lay perfectly flat! Use them to carve your way to world domination.

Altman Plants Assorted Cacti Collection

Plants and flowers are traditional gifts. Our Anon Aries recommends a cactus for Aries, and offers a very specific reason: “You can kinda forget about them and they won’t die, perfect for Aries with a busy schedule.”

Topo Chico mineral water

She came up with this quirky but pretty awesome gift idea: a giant case of what she calls fancy sparkling water “to cool off after a long day of kicking ass and taking names.”

Set of adjustable dumbbell weights

Anon Aries says, “I feel like these are self explanatory.”

The astrology of love and sex

“Aries may be ruled by Mars, the planet of war,” says Gat, “but they love love.” She would know, she literally wrote the book on love and sex astrology, which is a perfect gift for the sexiest Aries in your life.

Annabel Eau de Parfum Birthday Cake

“Marissa Zappas and I collaborated on this project,” says Gat. “She’s an amazing perfumer – and she and I are Aries, with birthdays a day apart! Aries love birthdays, because they like to celebrate life!”

number 1 dad mug

“Aries are winners, and they like to be recognized for being #1,” Gat says, so “anything that highlights how exceptional they are will make them feel appreciated.” The #1 Dad mug was practically invented for the Aries father, but many more turns on the phrase are available to fit Aries into your life.

Wine red rhinestone tiara

“Each sign of the zodiac is associated with a part of the body, and for Aries, it is the head.” Gat says head-related gifts, like tiaras and hats, are generally a hit with Aries.

Ballard watch cap

If a full tiara is a bit too much for the Aries in your life, a classic beanie is a can’t-miss gift. Filson’s Ballard Watch Cap is available in eight classic colors including – you guessed it! – a bright and fiery red.

The Aries bouquet

“Aries often live hectic lives — invite them to literally slow down and smell the roses with a beautiful bouquet,” says Gat. Urban Stems’ Aries arrangement features warm-toned roses and cool greenery in a sculptural vase, and the gift set also includes a Nest Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Votive.


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