27 Almond-Shaped Nail Art Ideas to Inspire Your Next Manicure


Just about any nail shape is suitable for good nail art: whether pointed or short and squoval nails, we believe that a well-prepared canvas, no matter how it is sculpted, provides an opportunity for you or your nail tech to create something wonderful. We like it allbut we have to admit – there’s just something about almond shaped nail art that really has a hold on us.

“The beauty of an almond nail, and what art can do for its shape, is that it’s different from what you can get on a square nail of any length. That’s why it’s a must-have,” says the nail artist Elle Gerstein.

“We find that all designs look great on almond-shaped nails,” agrees Molly Romahead nail technician at Cold room At New York. “The almond shape makes the nails look longer and narrower compared to other shapes, and this can be accentuated or toned down depending on the design.”

Even if the canvas is only a few centimeters long, the current trend for French manicures is pushing technicians to reduce it even more, with patterns specially created for the tip of the nail. “French design that covers the tips of the nails [is popular]says Amy Ling, founder of Sundays brand and nail salon. “It really draws attention to the nail tips and the shape of the nails.” It’s no coincidence that when we went looking for almond nail designs, the majority we found centered around the French manicure.

But that doesn’t mean they’re traditional per se – creative artists are doing tortoise French, tiger French, geometric French, cloud French, and even three-dimensional French. And even if you don’t think French manicures are very stylishwe still have many nail art options for you.

Ahead, check out the most innovative, screenshot-worthy almond nail manicures the pros have to offer.


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