5 Best Minecraft Costume Ideas for Halloween (2022)


Halloween is fast approaching and Minecraft is the perfect game for that. Not only does it have some downright terrifying aspects (the Deep Dark and the Abandoned Villages, for example), but it’s also a great game for coming up with costume ideas.

Crowds, biomes, characters, and more are great for Halloween costumes. Some are a little more difficult than others, however. For example, it would be difficult to dress up as Allai because they are small and fly.

Still, Minecraft is full of great costume ideas for use October 31. Here are some of the best examples.

Minecraft Entities That Make Great Halloween Costumes

5) Villagers

Villagers are great choices (Image via Mojang)
Villagers are great choices (Image via Mojang)

Villagers might be Minecraft’s most iconic mob. Everyone knows what these mobs are and the great thing about using them for a Halloween costume is that there are so many options.

You can disguise yourself as a librarian, cartographer, blacksmith, mason or any other profession. You can even dress up as an idiot or an unemployed villager. Going further, some of the biomes have different styles for villagers, so there are plenty of options.

4) Zombie

Zombies make great Halloween costumes (Image via Mojang)
Zombies make great Halloween costumes (Image via Mojang)

Zombies are popular Halloween costumes during spooky season. Many horror movies center around them, so they’ve become somewhat of an iconic monster. However, the Minecraft version of the monster is more specific.

It would be very similar to a Steve outfit, since the zombies resemble the protagonist’s attire. In fact, the blue pants and light blue shirt that could be used for a Steve outfit could be used to make a stellar zombie Halloween costume.

To finish the costume, simply paint the exposed area green and you’ll look like a zombie.

3) Climbing plant

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There may not be a crowd that represents Minecraft more than one sucker. It’s in the logo, after all, and it’s the most recognizable crowd in the game. The difficulty in making a costume out of it is simply that the shape of the crowd doesn’t lend itself to the human body.

However, this can be circumvented. The design is pretty straightforward, and there are purchasable costumes that do a pretty good job of molding the creeper into a human form.

2) Enderman

A homemade Enderman suit (Image via u/sinskins on Reddit)
A homemade Enderman suit (Image via u/sinskins on Reddit)

Perhaps the scariest hostile mob (aside from the Guardian) is the enderman. They are terrifying, mainly thanks to their behavior. However, their design is also quite scary. Dark skinned with purple eyes is haunting.

Luckily, this is a relatively easy costume to remake. Simply wear a black skin costume or all-black clothing (including a mask of some sort) and purple eyes. This can be replicated with purple lenses or something else, although blocking the eyes can be a little dangerous.

1) Steve or Alex

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Steve or Alex, whichever default protagonist skin you prefer, can work wonders for a Halloween costume. For starters, they are both very recognizable. Pairing the blue shirt with dark jeans is a classic look and will instantly look like Steve. Brown hair will easily complement the outfit, but it doesn’t have to be.

To enhance the outfit, add a pickaxe or a diamond sword. These can be made fairly easily out of cardboard, but there are some for sale that are legitimately made if you’re interested in authenticity. Either way, it will solidify the outfit as one of the best Halloween costumes in Minecraft and one of the best costumes overall.

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