5 Ideas for The Owl House Spinoffs


Even in his relatively short time, The owl house has proven to be one of the most popular Disney TVA series to date, and with Season 3 on the horizon, that’s unlikely to change. Although the series was unfortunately canceled by Disney and season 3 was cut short, suddenly, it is clear that the creator Dana Terrace had much more in store for the show’s history. The conclusion of The Owl House could very well open the door to more stories in the future. Still, until then, we can speculate, and there’s one possibility in particular that would add the most layers to the narrative: the spinoff!

Spinoffs are a fun way to explore different aspects or characters of a world, and some may even surprise their source story in quality. For The Owl House, a fun and interesting spinoff that takes a deeper look into the life of a high-profile character like Eda would give fans both plenty of fanservice and insight into her story. But this is just one idea among many, and for this list we are going to count 5 of the most interesting ideas for owl house fallout which, although unlikelywould be fantastic to see.

1. The life of Vee and Camila

Vee’s introduction provided an answer to the once infamous “creepy Luz” rumor that raged throughout Season 1’s airing. The owl house. At the time, everyone was convinced that she was a shadowy clone or an evil doppelganger created by Emperor Belos or some other crazy theory.

Now, of course, we know she’s a basilisk who slipped into the human realm early in the story and simply posed as Luz to live her better life. But she’s not mean at all, and the story does a great job of giving her a believable origin and then establishing a nice relationship between her and Camila. Sadly, we haven’t seen either her or Camila yet since Luz returned to the Boiling Isles and it was only recently in king tide, but it begs the question: what were they doing before?

How did Camila cope with the realization that her daughter is in another world and the Luz in her home isn’t the real one? How did Vee change Luz’s status at school with her new friends? Is Jacob Hopkins still on her trail, and if so, how does she behave with him? All of these questions could easily be answered in a short spin-off series focusing on Vee and her adventures in the human world, perhaps even with her and her new human friends, we’ve seen her solve mysteries around town at the Gravity Falls or Scooby-Doo? It sure sounds like the perfect little story!

2. The Original Hexide Team

This one is probably the simplest: a story about Eda, Lilith, Raine, and all the adults we see in their story during their youth in Hexide! We see glimpses of the adults’ days at the academy throughout history, but we never get the full picture of everything they did or all the crazy adventures they may have had.

Of course, we don’t need to see everything and have a decent idea of ​​what we saw, but a spin-off series exploring which characters like Eda, Lilith, Raine, Darius, Alador, Odalia, Principal Bump and all others in their youth would just be fun. It would also offer a glimpse of the Boiling Isles before Luz and possibly even before the Emperor since he’s actually only been in power for a relatively short time since the story begins. We got to see the seeds of his reign grow to where they are in the actual show, as well as what leads each character on their respective paths.

Not all of the questions about them need to be answered, but knowing more about Eda and Raine in particular would provide some interesting insight into their relationship, as well as how she and Lilith diverged during their lifetime. .

3. The Good Witch Azura

The Good Witch Azura

The Good Witch Azura series of books has always played a major role in the overall history of The owl house, being the driving force behind Luz’s fascination with witches and much of her own creativity. It is also a connection point between Luz and Amity that helps build their relationship.

However, although we are given a good insight into the narrative of the Good Witch Azura books, there is still a lot of unfinished business about it. One thing, in particular, is who authored the books and how they transcended the realms, but given the story’s recent attempt to address this topic even in one episode, it’s likely we’ll get an answer before the end. from the Serie.

Even more interesting, a perfect concept for a owl house the spin-off would be a true mini-series that would be a direct adaptation of the Good Witch Azura books, essentially telling them as its own separate story. Considering how little about the series is directly explained to audiences, this leaves a lot of room for creative interpretation to tell an entirely new story that may or may not tie into The owl house himself. That last point can probably depend on who the actual author is, but either way, it would be great to see the history of the books Luz is so obsessed with, so we can find out why she loves them so much. !

4. What if…?

Take a page straight from Marvel What if…? mini-series, a similar approach to The owl house could actually be quite refreshing to see. The concept of a what-if scenario has always been fascinating for storytelling, as it gives an idea of ​​how the story might have played out if things were just a little different from what we know. This alone can provide literally endless possibilities.

In the case of a show like The owl house, a spin-off of this nature already has a very solid base to work from. A series like this could easily explore some of the darker sides of the story to provide deeper insight into characters like Luz, Eda, Amity, Hooty, King, and many more. A few examples would suffice to show so many possibilities.

What if Luz’s first portal actually worked the first time? What if Eda was actually turned to stone in Season 1? What if King already knew he was a Titan? These are just a few examples, but they already show the potential of this idea, and it would be fun to see what other alternative paths the story could have taken.

5. The Ancient Golden Guard

hollow mind is perhaps one of the darkest and most intense episodes of The House of the Owl. The revelations marked a major turning point in the story of several characters, especially Luz and Hunter. The truth about Emperor Belos and the Golden Guard title story was both fascinating and incredibly disturbing. However, there is still some mystery surrounding who held it before.

We know the one before Hunter was close to Abomination Coven leader Darius in some way, but that would just be one of the many things we could learn about him and his history with the Emperor. We may already know how her story ended, but it could still open up several possibilities to throw audiences on a loop about her true fate and see what life in the Boiling Isles was like in her time.

A owl house spinoffs of this nature would likely be much darker than most series, but it would still make for a unique single-player story just to see a character we know so little about.


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