50 Best June 19 Food Ideas Recipes For Traditional Celebrations


June 19 is a time of celebration, remembrance and community. It commemorates the final emancipation of enslaved black people in Texas and is now a national holiday marked with parades, parties and lots of food. But you might be wondering what traditional cuisine is served at Juneteenth? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find plenty of ideas for June 19 dishes to kick off your traditional June 19 celebrations!

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One of the best ways to honor Juneteenth is to showcase and uplift black creators, and with this collection of Juneteenth cooking recipes, you can have delicious food in the process too! One initiative that has been elevating black makers for years is the annual Eat the Culture Juneteenth Virtual BBQ, which brings together black food bloggers to share their favorite recipes, so we can all have a chance to savor these incredible dishes and commemorate the story behind them. This year’s initiative honors nineteen Black American cookbook authors by recreating their recipes, amplifying their work, and sharing personal connections with Freedom Day. Many recipes from this year’s Cookout are included here, so be sure to sshare these recipes with your family and help carry on the legacy of celebrating progress! Yesou can find out more about the Juneteenth Virtual Cookout on the Eat Culture Websiteand you can easily follow each participant using the hashtag #JuneteenthCookout2022 on Instagram.

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What food do you eat on Juneteenth?

So what foods are served on June 16 and why is it important? Well first, since it’s a warm-weather holiday, June 19 food traditions often include cooked dishes like grilled meats, potato salad, and fruity or frozen desserts. You will also see many traditional soul food dishes like fried chicken, cornbread and collard greens. There is also a particular emphasis on red foods and red drinks.

Why do we eat red food during June 19 celebrations?

Throughout the history of June 19 celebrations, red foods have played a major role in the spread. Several historical explanations have been advanced for this. First, the color red is believed to commemorate the history of struggle and bloodshed that enslaved black Americans faced. Additionally, many historians believe that the color red was an important signifier of special occasions in the West African countries where many former slaves originated, a tradition that continued into the traditions of the 19 June after emancipation.

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What are red foods for Juneteenth?

June 19 red foods include favorites like grilled meat and hot links, and other traditional dishes like red beans, rice and hot sauce. You might also see new twists on red foods, like watermelon salad or red coleslaw! The best known of all June 19 desserts is red velvet cake, but other great options include strawberry pie or berry sorbet. You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit salad or grilled watermelon either!

June 19 drinks

The red theme continues with traditional June 19 drinks like strawberry soda, hibiscus drinks and fruit punch. You can even serve a red cocktail to really get the party started!

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What do you serve at a Juneteenth party?

If you’re hosting a Juneteenth party, or want ideas for what to bring to a Juneteenth party, you’re in luck! This recipe collection has all the June 19 food ideas you could want, from soul food side dishes, to red foods and drinks, to amazing desserts! So go ahead, choose your recipes and have a happy June 16th!

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