7 Church Social Media Ideas That Will Make a Difference


By Mark MacDonald
Church branding strategist and consultant

Running out of great social media ideas for the church?

It is important that your messages actually make a difference. Your members meet regularly on their favorite social networks to be entertained, challenged and informed. The local church must therefore be present with the right content.

Statistical reports 82% of Americans use social media. This is how many start and end their day. But it’s hard to come up with church social media ideas that truly engage members.

Instead, it often turns into direct promotion. And rarely does anyone listen any media offering only advertisements. The church, full of content that matters, must do better.

Here are 7 church social media ideas that will actually make a difference – for the church and the community.

  1. Highlight departments. Focus on more than just events. Take photos or videos of how lives are changed by ministries and create messages that will inspire people to join you. Smartly include in each message to whom it is directed, a clear benefit of participation and a link to the ministry’s web page.
  2. Draw sermon illustrations. Listen during sermons to illustrations and illustrate them. Visually show what the pastor talked about and post a summary of the story, or show an edited video of the pastor sharing it. Include a link to the entire sermon (for context) and give a timecode so they can find it easily.
  3. Have fun around your thread. Your church should be known for something beneficial and necessary. Let’s call it a “thread” because it weaves through all ministries and makes your mission practical. Since social media followers love to be entertained, put a smile on their face with messages around the feed.
  4. Ask for volunteers. Most ministries need more volunteers, so show opportunities or imagine volunteers doing a great job and link to your church’s volunteer opportunities webpage.
  5. Ask questions about the series of sermons. Coordinate with the pastor to ask relevant questions to prepare for the upcoming sermon or the one that just happened. Struggle with post engagement? Ask for volunteers to prime the pump with some answers. This will push the post to more people.
  6. Highlight the impact on the community. You impact your community, don’t you? Take photos of your community and how your church is helping. Even a member in a customer service job shows the influence of the community. It doesn’t have to be something controlled by church leaders.
  7. Tell a story of change. Talk to church members (or leaders); you will hear many ideas on church social media of how God moves or challenges them. Share stories, in text or video. Stories inspire as did (or do). Just edit them into something concise.

Mark MacDonald is a communications pastor, speaker, consultant, best-selling author, church branding strategist for BeKnownforSomething.com and Executive Director of the Center for Church Communication, enabling more than 10,000 churches to get exposure for something relevant (a communication thread) through their ministries, websites and social media. His book, “Be Known for Something”, is available on BeKnownBook.com.


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