9 Lead-Generating Postcard Marketing Ideas for Financial Advisors


By Gabrielle C. King

Because you found this blog, I guess you at least thought about including postcards in your marketing plan. Since ReminderMedia sells postcards for financial advisors, I think that’s great, and I’m including many postcard ideas below that you were hoping to find. However, there are 3 points you might want to consider before deciding if postcards, whether ours or someone else’s, are right for you.

Are postcards right for you?

First, I’m sure you’re advising your clients that investments take time to mature and yield a return, and for that reason, patience is a virtue. The same is true for postcards.

While it certainly doesn’t hurt, your goal with postcards isn’t to create brand awareness – a postcard or two might do that. Your goal is to find new customers, and it takes some time to create the kind of impression of trust necessary for someone to consider doing business with you. We found postcards that offer value Generate leads best when sent relatively frequently and consistently, typically one card per month for 6-12 months.

If you think about it for a minute, it seems pretty sensible.

If someone regularly sent you information that you needed or found useful, you might reasonably think that they really wanted you as a customer.

Additionally, people associate coherent with productive. If you contact us regularly, the assumption is that you are well established and reliable.

Another reason for patience is the nature of marketing with postcards – it’s a bit like a lottery.

Your postcards don’t always arrive in mailboxes the day a recipient needs your services. But, if you send them regularly, you increase your chances of arriving that day. And when they do, you’ll be the counselor they call. In the meantime, your postcards work to keep you top of mind.

Second, you need to understand the true nature of postcard ROI.

I regularly see reports published with a return on investment for postcards between 3% and 5%. A blog points to a Data and Marketing Association Report claiming that postcards get a 4.25% response rate, which is a high rate. But this is an average result across all industries[…]it is not a median and it is not specific to financial services.

For the sake of discussion, let’s say you order 1,000 postcards for around $450. (You might pay more or less depending on delivery, size, etc.) If you only get a 0.3% response rate or 3 well-qualified leads, your cost would be $150 per lead. Not bad.

Compare that to sending 1,000 personal brand magazines for $4,000 with a 3% response rate. You would get 30 qualified leads at around $133 each.

What I can’t understand for you is how many of those leads turn into bona fide customers – and that’s the end result, isn’t it? Your results will depend on your skills, your product offerings, the customer experience you provide, etc.

Whichever scenario best suits your needs, one thing is clear: you need to test the performance of postcards for yourself, as well as other elements of your marketing strategy and other marketing ideas for financial advisors. Only then can you really find out if postcards are right for you.

Finally, you must commit to following up. Rarely has a postcard, on its own, won a client.

Sales is always about creating an opportunity to have a conversation with your prospects. Whatever your strategy, no one will trust you with their money if you don’t literally speak with them.

The week your emails are delivered, follow up with a phone call. As an alternative, you might consider using a ringtoneless voicemail provider like Slydiffusion, DropWhere LeadRain. These services allow you to record a message that will go to voicemail without ringing the recipients’ phones.

After considering these 3 points, you are in a much better position to assess whether postcards are the right choice for you. If so, you can select postcards that best match the demographics and needs represented by your database or niche.

Postcard Prospecting Ideas for Financial Advisors

ReminderMedia offers a wide assortment of themes and an even wider selection of postcards to represent those themes. Below are several examples from our collection, but you can see them all on our website.

1. Planning for retirement

As a financial advisor, you know better than anyone that it’s never too early to plan for retirement. Send a postcard that reflects the importance of retirement planning and offer your wisdom and experience to others who may not have the foresight you have.

2. Financial security


Money has only one purpose: to provide security. Security provides freedom from worry and anxiety. Security also provides the freedom to pursue one’s dreams. Let your sphere know that you specialize in security by offering solid financial planning.

3. Wealth management


No one shares the same risk tolerance, but everyone wants to see their money grow. This is where you come in. You have the skills to listen carefully and clearly communicate expectations, as well as products and services to help people find their comfort level. Let your sphere know that you want to help them target their investment goals and aim straight.

4. Make it last


It’s a sad truth that many people spend their lives planning for a happy retirement before being hit with an illness or injury that depletes their savings. No one knows the future, but whether it’s discussing Medicare and Medicaid limits or explaining the benefits of long-term care insurance, you can help clients understand the risks and to put a plan in place if necessary.

5. The next generation


One of the persistent issues facing financial advisors is how to connect and develop a relationship with the next generation of investors. Making those connections now is especially critical as this generation is set to inherit billions from baby boomers. Target your youth with postcards that let them know who you are and that you’re ready to help.

6. Start planning now


While there seems to be a growing trend of young adults seeking financial advice, a significant number do not plan enough for their financial future. And with heavy student debt, skyrocketing house prices, the uncertain future of government safety nets, and ever-increasing health care costs, not planning for the future is a big deal. Fortunately, you can help.

7. The Troubled Investor


We are going through a period of economic turbulence. Inflation goes up, so prices go up. The stock market is volatile and, at the time of this writing, it is steadily falling. Investors are nervous, but you can be the voice of reason. Customize your postcard to offer a free portfolio review and promise to see if you can do better for them.

8. Immediate Value


Send postcards that educate and build your credibility and authority. A printed postcard with useful information will be hung on the refrigerator door, placed in a purse or shared with others. It’s also a helping gesture that can generate a feeling of reciprocity so that when you follow up, your recipients are more likely to talk to you.

9. Protect what’s yours


You know that a regular review of important documents is part of a sound financial plan. Incomplete, missing or outdated documents can cause a real headache (or worse) if they are not accurate or available when needed. Send an offer by postcard to help you solve the problems.

Advantages of prospecting by postcards

I’ve given you some things to think about prospecting with postcards and a good list of awesome postcard ideas to choose from. You can see many more examples and review pricing options here. Still, I’d be fooling you if I didn’t explain some of the distinct advantages unique to postcards as well.

First, as one of many popular prospecting tools for financial advisors, postcards are quite unique in the world of direct mail because you don’t need to trick your recipient into opening an envelope to see your message.

Believe me . . . it is enormous!

In an oft-cited study from before 2017, New York University School of Law released a report claiming that 44% of all direct mail was thrown away before it was opened. With postcards, your message is literally staring them in the eye.

Second, postcards are also relatively cheap compared to most other types of direct mail advertising. Corn cheap does not prevent high quality.

ReminderMedia’s postcards, for example, are printed on high-quality 110# cover stock with a glossy, UV-protected finish. They are also available in 2 sizes:

  • Standard: 5.5 x 8.5
  • Jumbo: 6×11

Whether you opt for one or more of our postcards or ones from another company, consider the information provided here to find out if postcards are something you should try. If we can answer questions, then book a call that fits your schedule, and one of our marketing experts will be happy to help.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.


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