A Fleury of Ideas, Results in Kill Per View for British Columbia Author


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For AG Fleury, writing her first home-released thriller in British Columbia has roots going back to Cornwall elementary school.

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Her passion for reading and writing developed at the Immaculate Conception school.

“(During the process) I thought back to elementary school, those little short stories that we would write,” said Fleury, known as Al or Alain in Cornwall – her first job (as than pre-teen) was a print route with the Standard-Freeholder – and AG for the purposes of their self-published fictional novel, a sci-fi / crime thriller titled Kill Per View, and produced by FriesenPress.

Fleury, who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, with his common-law partner Melony Girard, in a phone interview on Nov. 19, spoke of having been a part-time musician over the years, before settling down. . He is a behavioral science technician and residential support worker for adults with disabilities, and the creative urge, as he called it, that led him to music, would later manifest as a novel writer.

The first he worked on was “collecting the dust right now,” he said, an unpublished draft, but he kept the train of thought in motion – he inspired new ideas and , finally, Kill Per View.

Fleury said he then had an idea for a new story, he wondered “what if all countries in the world adopt the death penalty?” How would this society operate? The idea developed from there.

The novel would eventually bring together elements of science fiction, crime, mystery, and political intrigue; in notes to a press kit provided by Fleury, he said the book explores a futuristic, dystopian society where capital punishment is becoming universal around the world.

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By 2039, the world’s population has reached a staggering 11 billion and crime is at an all-time high. When six horrific massacres shock the world, a council of world leaders was born with the aim of adopting the death penalty worldwide. By 2045, the executions are televised in America in a paid program called Kill Per View. When the TV show becomes a hit, other nations start to embrace it,

Fleury included the theme of the reality show “because it matches the actual TV entertainment of the 21 st century, ”he said.

There’s a serial killer element to this page turner too, and for Fleury the most surprising part of getting a book ready for publication was the detailed, exhausting and often intimidating editing process, but, in the end, “I was extremely happy with the results.”

He has a third novel in mind and has put together a few words, but there’s a lot of work to be done before that takes shape.

“Right now the priority is to generate traffic (and bring attention to Kill Per View),” said Fleury, who also attended Jean XXIII and La Citadelle schools in Cornwall and graduated graduating from St. Lawrence College in the city, before moving to Ottawa for five years. years, then flee and settle on the west coast.

Kill Per View is available to order from most major online booksellers, including the FriesenPress library , Amazon , Indigo , and Barnes & Noble . The eBook is available for Kindle, Apple Books, Kobo , Nook and GooglePlay.

To learn more about the author and the book, visit agfleury.com .

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