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Author Belinda Anderson offers a new writing workshop at New River Community and Technical College, “More March Madness: Chasing Characters.” The three-week conference call workshop begins March 2.

Whether writing fiction or non-fiction, character portrayal is critical to success. And that’s the goal of Anderson’s new workshop.

Anderson introduced the concept last year as “March Madness: Down the Rabbit Hole in Pursuit of Elusive Characters.”

“There’s always more to explore in terms of character development, character in motion, and character in the setting,” Anderson said.

For those who attended the first March Madness course, the workshop is designed with new material that also offers a holistic approach for new students.

“More March Madness: Chasing Characters” reconvenes at 10 a.m. Wednesday via an audio-only conference call. The three-week course can be accessed either via an internet conference call connection or by landline – high-speed internet is not required. The one-hour conference calls will include lectures, with time for questions and participant sharing, and group email follow-up. The workshop is open to new and experienced writers of fiction and non-fiction.

Anderson, who has a background in reporting and also writes nonfiction, is also dedicated to helping writers who want to write about the lives of others.

“It’s important to convey these people as fully dimensional, just like you need to help readers imagine a fictional character,” she said.

Tuition for the class is $75. The deadline for registration is February 16. Participants will be emailed the conference call number and access codes after registering for the course.

Visit www.newriver.edu/community for information on upcoming courses or to register for the course or contact Gloria Kincaid (304-793-6101, [email protected]).


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