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Zia Darakshan
Writing is such a skill that we all want to own it like a Rolls Royace. But as it is rightly said, everything has a price. To own Rolls Royace, you have to be damn rich and to have writing skills, you have to be super rich in nuances of language, power of observation, etc. Although writing can be learned with hard and rigorous work, unlike poetry which is natural and essentially innate. No one can teach it to you if you haven’t already.
Writing is a profession, while poetry is an art. This means that writing can be learned like carpentry and poetry is an art like painting etc. You have to be extraordinarily good to be able to do both. As both require imagination, fluidity of language, observation skills and, most importantly, you need to know the tricks to play with words.
Writing is not everyone’s cup. Some think they are born writers and can write masterpieces if given the chance, while some naysayers don’t waste a single opportunity to bog down a writer by commenting in a negative way. But in the quest to castigate a writer’s work, these so-called writers forget one thing that writing only flows like a stream when it comes naturally from the heart and not from the dictionary.
Writing is also different from learning a language. You can master a language, but you still cannot acquire the art of writing despite several years of hard work. It is no exaggeration to say that writing can be inherited with the right genes or one can work hard by instilling the art of reading from childhood. But then there is no guarantee of becoming a great writer either.
A writer’s job is crucial and it puts a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of a writer.
Nowadays we see a large number of writers coming up with new ideas, especially our younger generation has shown an inclination for writing. Young writers shatter the old cliché and surprise readers with their intelligence and knowledge. It is the digital revolution that has fueled the passion for writing among young people, as it provides them incredibly with a multitude of platforms for them to access information, analyze it in the given context, and then to disseminate it to a wide audience in all regions.
As Ruskin Bond rightly puts it, “India may soon be faced with the predicament of having more writers than readers. Publishing has become very easy these days and writers make a good living from it. But the danger of having more writers than readers, according to Ruskin Bond, should not come.
This is indeed alarming. But when it comes to writing, good writers will always be read and appreciated. A drop of perfume is enough to perfume a room. Likewise, good writing will always find its readers. Precisely, if it’s good, you will find out.
However, our young writers who really want to write and pursue their careers need to understand their responsibility to writing. In recent years, we have seen a group of aspiring writers write their books. At the 10th or 11th standard, they have already published their books solo. To share an incident, I recently had the opportunity to meet one of these writers. While sharing the details of the book written at a tender age, the writer’s face clearly expressed the frustration of the bewildered. It became quite evident during the discussion that the writer could hardly assimilate the shady teachings engulfed in the book.
Regardless, whether the writer is endowed with natural talent, genius and talent, the question is whether a writer is ready to make what he writes his own?
A writer should know what he is writing and should do extensive research before conveying his thoughts to readers. He or she should have something to say and not write for the sake of writing. Whatever topic he chooses to write about, he should be very knowledgeable, knowledgeable, and familiar with it.
Let me quote Dr (Prof) Mohammad Mujeeb (1902-1985) – an Indian writer of English and Urdu literature, educator, scholar and vice-chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. While explaining the relationship between writer and literature, Professor Mujeeeb says, “There is a group of writers who think that whatever comes to their mind they can write down and there is no no restriction on them in the expression of their ideas. However, they forget one thing that nature has placed no restrictions on them, they are rather gifted with having this quality which they can make the most of for the benefit of society. Therefore, they should work harder and research and research and not think that their knowledge is enough, instead, they should always try to improve themselves and seek knowledge. On the contrary, our writers think that their knowledge is sufficient and do not work hard or research before writing anything. In fact, if they find few like-minded writers who can accept their saying, they would consider it a godsend and move on without even re-evaluating the facts.
Meanwhile, our budding writers need to master the language in which they write their thoughts. They must be qualified as a craftsman and want to enrich their knowledge bank. They should have extensive knowledge and an eye on world affairs. Respect, honor, truth, integrity and courage should be the adornments of a true writer. As Professor Mujeeb said, “When a writer has to express his personality, he must not erase his profession by doing so, he must respect his profession. Our writers should be trained on these basic principles.
So, writers should never consider themselves above this craft. They should not experiment with things they are not suited to and should only entertain people if they know the art of entertaining. Quoting Professor Mujeeb again, “the aim of writers in writing should not be romanticism, moreover, they should not let their emotions and feelings stray.”
To conclude, I firmly believe that God has made every human being intelligent, but it is a matter of the opportunity for each to explore their intelligence. We can’t all be Woody Allen or Anna Kareina. But after reading them, you can be a better if not a great writer, hopefully.
(The author is a journalist based in Srinagar)


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