About this blog (read this if you plan to comment)


About this blog (read this if you plan to comment)

So, from time to time, I find it essential to explain my blog to readers. This is especially useful for me and those who intend to comment here on what I write.

This blog is “my place” to express my opinions, just as the “opinion page” of a newspaper is the editor’s or publisher’s place to express their opinions. Most of these opinion pages in newspapers or other publications include space for “letters to the editor”. Opinion Page editors do NOT publish every letter they receive. I know this because I have written literally hundreds of letters to newspaper editors. I have also submitted columns for potential publication. I did not expect to have the right to have my submissions published.

Posting comments here is at my sole discretion and I have no reason to post or not post them. I tend to delete, not post, comments are: too long, off topic, insulting, hostile or argumentative. I get many moderate comments that are clearly someone’s attempt to use my blog to promote their own alternative beliefs. I generally avoid posting them here.

What I look for in reviews is intelligent, informed, and thoughtful feedback. Especially if they don’t agree with what I’ve written, I expect them to include some facts that can be verified.

From now on, I will no longer post comments that MOSTLY recommend books, articles or authors without explaining WHY they are recommended. The “why” should include a key quote from the book or at least a paraphrased summary of the main point of the book or article and how it relates to what I wrote. Same with the authors. If you mention an author who promotes an alternative view to mine, you must explain and not just “drop the name” of the author.

All that to say that this blog is a place for me to voice my opinions and engage in meaningful, meaningful, and helpful dialogue with those who agree and those who disagree. Never just post a comment here that is a single sentence or a passage of scripture or a quote with no explanation. This is NOT a “discussion forum” or a “free for all” debate forum.

I also don’t post comments that reveal the commenter didn’t read my entire blog post (which he or she is responding to) or stupidly misunderstood it. Again, I will not post comments that appear to Me to be attempts to misuse my blog to promote beliefs, opinions, worldview, etc. writer’s alternatives.

I will also not post comments that are mere accusations, ad hominem arguments, rants, etc. Disagreement is welcome as long as it’s calm, well-supported, and most definitely related, directly, to what I’ve written.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance.


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