Acclaimed Literary Publication KIRKUS REVIEWS Honors Environmental Lawyer/Author Joel Burcat


Joel Burcat – Author, STRANGE FIRE

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Cover of Joel Burcat's new book, STRANGE FIRE, published by Headline Books.

STRANGE FIRE – Published by Headline Books

Mr. Burcat’s novel Strange Fire is an exciting blend of crime and environmental politics.

A superb cast spearheads the story of an incendiary social and environmental issue. ”

— Reviews of Kirkus

HARRISBURG, Pa., USA, March 16, 2022 / — Former environmental lawyer-turned-author Joel Burcat’s new book has received rave reviews and has now been selected by independent editors of the renowned literary publication Kirkus Reviews March 15 issue printed, as one of the few authors to be honored, measuring just 10% of book submissions considered by Kirkus.

Burcat’s third published novel STRANGE FIRE merges his history as one of America’s leading environmental lawyers with his love of the action thriller.

The former lawyer, who was declared legally blind, suddenly ending his legal career, found inspiring and unique ways to create and write by embracing the latest advances in technology.

Mr. Burcat’s personal story is also featured in beloved NY Times writer Frank Bruni’s best-selling memoir, THE BEAUTY OF DUSK, which was developed from a previously published New York Times op-ed. published.

Joel is available to discuss his current novel, his journey with visual impairment, his connection to Frank Bruni, as well as being an environmental expert on issues ranging from fracking to the Russian energy and climate crisis. gas.


Fracking for natural gas has become deadly in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and not only is the water contaminated, but people are dying. Round-the-clock operations by Yukon Oil and Gas may have poisoned a residential well and threatened a city’s water supply. Who is contaminating water wells in Bradford County? Why do entrepreneurs disappear? Mike Jacobs, a passionate 29-year-old environmental attorney with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, returns in this romantically charged environmental legal thriller.

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