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The Miami Book Fair began as a two-day event in November 1984, when a small group of determined individuals—including Miami Dade College educators, independent booksellers, and librarians—founded Miami Book Fair International. For nearly 40 years, the Miami Book Fair has become one of the region’s most important cultural events, the most comprehensive book fair in the country and an internationally recognized model of excellence.

In Also poet: Frank O’Hara, my father and me, Ada Calhoun explores her relationship with her father, renowned art critic Peter Schjeldahl, while providing new insights into the life of O’Hara, one of our most important poets. The result is a meditation on parents and children, artistic ambition and the complexity of what we leave behind.

Author Maud Newton’s ancestry includes an accused witch in Puritan-era Massachusetts, a killer, a grandfather who married 13 times, a well-educated father who celebrated slavery, and a mother who performed exorcisms. Fearing that she would repeat their damage, Newton set out to research her genealogy. Ancestor Trouble: a settling of scores and reconciliation talks about the transformative possibilities that come to all of us from facing the legacy of our ancestors.


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Ada Calhoun is the New York Times bestselling author of Saint Mark is dead, Wedding toasts that I will never giveand Why we can’t sleep. She wrote for the New York Timesthe New Republicand the Washington Post.

Maud Newton wrote for The New York Times magazine, Harper’s, The New York Times book reviewand American Oxford. She grew up in Miami and graduated from the University of Florida with degrees in English and law.


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