Ahmed Mourad writes a new sequel to “The Blue Elephant”


Renowned Egyptian writer Ahmed Mourad is currently working on the third part of his famous film “al-Feel al-Azraq” (The Blue Elephant), Mourad told Akhbar Al-Youm, based on his novel of the same name.

“The Blue Elephant” won most Arabian Cinema Awards (ACA) for 2020, including:

  • Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role awarded to actor Karim Abdel Aziz
  • Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role awarded to actress Hend Sabry
  • Best Achievement Award given to Marwan Hamed
  • Best Film Award
  • Award for Best Editing which was awarded to Ahmed Hafez
  • The prize for best makeup which was awarded to Tarek Mostafa
  • The prize for the best hairdresser which was awarded to Mohamed Hafez
  • The Prize for Best Decoration which was awarded to Mohamed Attia
  • The prize for best photography which was awarded to Ahmed al-Morsy
  • The Best Mixing Voices Award which was awarded to Ahmed Aboul Saad
  • The Best Clothes Design Award awarded to Nahed Nasrallah
  • The prize for best visual effects awarded to Aroma
  • The prize for the best soundtrack which was awarded to Hisham Nazih
  • The prize for the best screenplay which was awarded to Ahmed Mourad

“The Blue Elephant” is a rich literary work that has proven successful in achieving a difficult to balance equation, embracing a blend of crime, fiction and psychological thriller.

The author primarily delves into human psychology and mental disorders, providing sketchy detail and unexpected twists throughout the story.

“The Blue Elephant II” featured the same film crew as the first entry, led by Hamed and author Mourad, and acting stars Karim Abdel Aziz, Nelly Karim and Sherine Reda. Hend Sabry joined them for the sequel alongside Marwan Younis, Iyad Nassar and many honored guests, including Tara Emad.

The events of the sequel begin five years after the events of the first part, where psychiatrist Yehia Rashid is summoned to Abbasseya Psychiatric Hospital where he meets someone who is manipulating his life and his family’s life, so Yehia uses the blue elephant pills in an attempt to solve the puzzles facing him.

The story tells of Yehia returning to work at the Abbasseya Psychiatric Hospital in Cairo after losing his wife and baby daughter in a car accident. Yehia finds herself tasked with diagnosing a mentally ill murderer who turns out to be an old friend during her college years.

The book was made into a film in 2014 starring Khaled al-Sawy, Karim Abdel Aziz and Nelly Karim. Both the book and the film have been very well received by audiences and critics.

Mourad also released his new movie, “Kira wal Gin,” in cinemas after years of delays, which garnered LE 14.5 million in four days.


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