Author and inspirational mother Toni Wingrove uses the love of writing to change lives


AN INSPIRATIONAL author and mother from Overton used her love of writing to quit drinking during lockdown and fulfill her dream of publishing a series of books.

A mother of four, Toni Wingrove is the author of The Rossi Mafia Trilogy series, which she started writing during the Covid lockdown in a bid to turn her life around.

Although the lockdown was a dark time for many people, Toni used the time to focus on herself, she quit drinking and spent time figuring out what she wanted out of life.

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She said: ‘I read and read and found I was bored of mafia novels and the women were always portrayed as weak and soft and the men were always the dominant ones. In many mafia books, women have always been portrayed as a tool to be used. They weren’t respected for what they were and I just sat down one day and thought I was going to write.

However, that was not his only inspiration.

She continued, “Everyone I spoke to told me that I had been a huge inspiration to them because I made major changes in my life and ended up feeling satisfied. During Covid I gave up on alcohol and it came from someone coming home from running to school and as soon as I started cooking dinner I was opening a bottle of wine.

“Lockdown was a time to deal with me to change because being a mum your life just resolves around them. During Covid it was time for me to focus on who I was and what I wanted in life. It was a revelation for me. »

There are three books in the exciting series. In the first book Lily for Alex readers are introduced to married couple Kate and Alex. Alex is killed in a car accident but Kate soon discovers the world he then hid from her.

The second book in the series, Roses for Benni is based on the story of Alex’s younger brother called Benny, which Toni said readers fell in love with from the first book. While the third book is titled Orchids for Dante.

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Toni added: “Dante is the older brother and the Rossi Don in the third book. As a quiet yet domineering person, it took a woman with an iron spine to catch his eye.”

Writing has also become a tool to help Toni grieve after her daughter’s death and she is immensely proud of her accomplishments.


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