Author Tranquility Press Announces Publication of Doris Clarke’s God Cares


Renowned media and advertising company, Author’s Tranquility Press, publishes “God Cares: A True Life Story”, an inspirational article by Doris Clarke where she reiterates the power of the Supreme Being

Doris Clarke seeks to inspire millions around the world by publishing a compelling report in God takes care, recounting how she was able to overcome adversity and her experience with the miracle of healing. In a related development, its compelling story caught the attention of Author’s Tranquility Press, the agency publishing the book to help the writer reach a wider audience.

I give thanks that God allows us to be molded and fashioned for his honor and glory. A songwriter says, “If I didn’t have a problem, I wouldn’t know that God could solve it. I wouldn’t know what faith in God could do. God’s mercy and grace have given me strength in everything I have been through. He will keep you too, if you trust him. I can conclude that God is a provider, a healer, a deliverer, a savior and a miracle worker. God bless you!– Doris Clarke.

The argument about the existence of a Supreme Being is an age-old topic. However, history has shown that there is someone somewhere who practically dictates the affairs of the universe. Unfortunately, many resources available have failed to effectively address the topic of leading people to realize the power of God and how to harness it. Therefore, Doris Clarke seeks to make a difference by personifying the experience in her book titled God Cares: A True Life Story..

god cares aims to preach the saying that “everything is possible with God”, as Doris recounts her experience as an island lady in the Jamaican West Indies, her ordeal trying to overcome several challenges, including the strokes that made that they are bedridden and having a baby that was initially pronounced dead is now an adult.

The book is currently available in paperback format on Amazon for people who believe in the existence of God and his power over all things.

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