Author Tranquility Press Announces Publication of Kathleen Bush’s Whispers


Author’s Tranquility Press, the leading advertising and media company, supports Kathleen Bush as she recounts her journey of discovery in ‘Whispers’

Author’s Tranquility Press has again contributed its expertise following the publication of Whispers, a new book written by Kathleen Bush. This decision reiterates Author’s Tranquility Press’s commitment to promoting incredible content and helping writers of all genres reach their target audiences around the world. Whispers is particularly unique because it contains true narration from the author as she reveals how her perseverance and hope in God helped her through difficult times.

I write this in the hope of inspiring others to never give up the search for the God who created us. Many like me were not born into a Christian family but grew up feeling a higher power beyond our own humanity..” – Kathleen Bush. “My hope is to encourage others to persevere and never give up, no matter what your situation. A miracle might be waiting for you especially.

Millions of people in different parts of the world are going through different forms of challenges which sometimes lead them to the brink of abandonment. Over the years, experts have developed and published guides and other similar resources to help people deal with their situation and hopefully emerge victorious. However, many of these resources have abstract content that makes them irrelevant, and this is where Kathleen Bush aims to make a difference by posting Whispers with support from Author’s Tranquility Press.

Whispers takes readers on “a daughter’s journey with Christ, from desert to wholeness”, as Kathleen recounts her spiritual growth and trials and how she found strength, hope, encouragement and love with God.

The book, which is currently available on Amazon in hardcover and paperback formats, is unique for the combination of spirituality and relatable occurrences, with the author giving a first-hand account of his encounter with the Most High.

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