Authors J & H Mason have announced the publication of their new novel, Accountability: The Book of Caleb.


GARY, Ind., August 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Authors J & H Mason are delighted to announce the release of their novel, Accountability: The Book of Caleb. This fictional work depicting the American experience is a gripping story written by a husband and wife team. Together, they’ve weaved a story filled with international characters, intriguing relationships, and captivating scenes that keep readers on the edge of their seat.

“For every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, the reaction is Karma/Responsibility!” The authors explain, “This book focuses on a black Chinese American family who lost their son to police brutality, revenge, and America’s greatest evil, racism. His mother, Aubrey Yang, is the central figure that attracts everyone. They all want to be accountable. What they learn is that responsibility is a double-edged sword.”

According to the Freemasons, “Our inspiration is a combination of the personal pain we endure every day; a pain so deep that we could not speak of it directly, so we combined this pain with current events. Therefore, creating an alternate universe (Accountability: The Book of Caleb) that mimicked our pain and loss, but more importantly, it gave us a way to move forward.”

Responsibility is a page-turner that examines hard-working ordinary Americans. It also forces readers to look within and consider the monster they are feeding, as it will undoubtedly feed on them one day.. Also, before reading ResponsibilityOn the last page of the novel, the reader will come to realize that one of the many characters in the novel is himself.

The past has no deviations, and the future can only be thought of with wonder; now is the time to act, because now is all you have.”
Accountability: The Book of Caleb by J & H Mason is available for purchase or download from most major booksellers.

About J&H Mason: J & H Mason is a team of husband and wife authors. They both grew up in the Midwest. She comes from Indianaand he comes from Illinois. They collaborate on captivating novels that take readers on a literary journey full of endearing, engaging characters and thought-provoking storylines. Their most recent novel is Responsibility, The Book of Caleb.

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