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By Samuel Donnelly

For the Lacombe Express

Fiction is full of gripping thrillers from all walks of life, but local Bentley author Richard Cozicar, best known for his series Brand Coldwell, creates compelling thrillers through a local Canadian lens.

Brand Coldwell’s novels follow a retired Canadian intelligence agent trying to enjoy his life as a fly fisherman as adventure and danger pull him away from his peaceful life and back into action.

Cozicar grew up on a farm in Vilna, Alberta. where he played hockey and worked on the family farm. It was here that Cozicar developed a love of reading.

Cozicar said he had read a lot of thrillers about American heroes and wanted Canada to have its own heroes. Some of Cozicar’s favorite novelists include John Grisham and Lee Child.

“Any Jack Reacher is a good idea,” Cozicar said.

Regarding his prose, however, Cozicar said Bob Dylan and Billy Joel were other huge influences.

“The way they put their words together is so beautiful,” Cozicar said.

Although he had an interest in writing for most of his life, he only started writing in 2014. After being fired, he decided to sit down and write his first delivered, Become silent.

Cozicar later explained that writing his first novel was “surprisingly easy”. His advice is to use the time you have and just write when you can.

“Just write it down. Don’t worry about the rules. It works on its own after a while,” he said.

Since writing his first book, he has written three books in the Brand Coldwell series as well as a dystopian novel titled The ice runnerpublished in 2017.

When he’s not working on his writing, Cozicar devotes his time to his furniture business in Gull Lake, Alberta.

Like its protagonist, Cozicar enjoys fly fishing. He says his favorite place recently is Lake Goldeye. He also enjoys spending time with his two children and three granddaughters.

Currently, Cozicar is working on several projects, including the release of the next book in the Brand Coldwell series titled The bad side of too late. Which Cozicar says should be released in the next few months if the process goes smoothly.

He has also started the follow-up, which Cozicar says will take place in Brazil. At the time of writing, the working title is Dangerous waters.

He is also in the process of rewriting his first novel. When asked why, he said that with a little more experience he would be better able to tell the story he set out to tell.

Cozicar also mentioned that he would like to write a science fiction novel one day, but said that he was naturally inclined to write thrillers and that writing science fiction would require leaning into a creative writing style. different.

When asked about his plans for the future, Cozicar replied, “I just want to enjoy life. Maybe go fly fishing.

Those looking for more about Cozicar, his books or his blog can find more on his website.


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