Best-selling author Susmita Gupta sets world record for writing and publishing maximum number of books on online platform


Author Susmita Gupta is well known for her bestsellers “To Love Without Limits”, “Was It Love or Lust?” , “Unforgettable HE” and “Life is hard, be harder” and the first three books she self-published on Amazon in 8 months and created a world record for the same.

Prone to writing, Susmita Gupta started her writing journey as a writer and author in August 2020 with her debut novel. She is passionate about writing and her talent and skills knew no bounds. Proving it at 29, Susmita Gupta has a world record to her credit. As a result, and as stated in the International Book of Records, Susmita set a record on 29e October 2021.

Susmita Gupta is the founder of Ed Innova, a content writing and PR agency and academy. His company provides all kinds of content writing services. Its Ed Innova Academy also offers live lessons in content writing, copywriting, book writing, and creative writing with strategic lessons.

The recently released novel “Life is Tough, Be Tougher” is inspired by life around Susmita’s journey and is dedicated to all the women who chose not to give up in life under any circumstances, but instead fought back fiercely. like women of steel. Failure, frustration and disappointment erode all our enthusiasm for life, tearing us apart and bringing us closer to giving up. But as soon as we rekindle our love of life and keep moving forward, difficult challenges become the best gifts life can give us to grow. “Life is Tough, Be Tougher” is an incredible journey of an incredible woman who, through her courage, resilience and perseverance, rises above all odds, making her more inspiring than ever.

She adds: “Setting a world record was never on my list. I like to write, I breathe writing, writing is my life and I love my work. I have many books written that will hit the market in the near future. I believe everyone is born with some talent. I recognized my talent and gave it wings”

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