Black History Month in Tampa Bay | Yelp


In honor of Black History Month, Tampa Bay’s elite Yelp squad spent a morning touring Tampa’s Central Avenue neighborhood, a place known for its deep-rooted black history. Ersula Odom – historian, author and business owner – led Elites on a 90-minute journey, sharing landmarks and local knowledge, steeped in her own history and personal stories.

The tour started at Urban Lux in Tampa Park Plaza and included stops at the Jackson House and Perry Harvey, Sr. Park. Along the way, guests learned about life in “The Scrubs” from the 1890s through the 1960s and its importance to activist Blanche Armwood, musician Ray Charles and many others.

Black History Month is a time to learn about and honor the sacrifices, achievements, and journeys of African Americans, who have helped shape the history of the nation and beyond. As Ersula Odom shared during the tour:

“We teach and we share so people can have conversations…”

See the experience from the perspective of the elites.

The Downtown Tampa Walking Tour and several others from downtown Tampa to Ybor City are accessible to everyone through the Tampa Bay History Center. Register online for a tour by visiting their Event calendar. You can stay up to date with special events and exhibits at the Tampa Bay History Center on Instagram, @TampaBay History.

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Visit Ersula Odom’s website, to find out where you can buy her books, as well as to get in touch with her personally.


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