Blog Cannes Lions 2022: Day 5


Our guest author writes a beginner’s guide to Cannes Lions for a beginner attending the festival.

Day 5 at Cannes Lions was filled with emotions for me. It started out as India’s biggest ever transport and ended with us winning the most coveted ‘Agency of the Year’.

I had to take it out. Now that’s done, let’s not talk about advertising. Let’s not talk about metals or campaigns. This one is about you. This one talks about how you do Cannes when you’re in Cannes. Think of it as a beginner’s guide to Cannes.

1. Book early: If you know you had a great year and Cannes toh Banta hai, plan and book early. Hotels are minimal and expensive. There is a 9/10 chance that you will be staying in an apartment. When you do, you need to make sure it’s as close to the Cannes venue as possible, i.e. the Palais (I’ll tell you why in a bit)

2. Bring walking shoes: here in Cannes, you walk. Then you walk. And then again, you walk. You are tired; you walk. You get drunk, you walk.

3. Book your airport pick up and drop off in advance if possible. Taxis here are expensive. More times, the luxury of taking an Uber (regardless) will leave at least $1000 poorer.

4. Don’t try to soak up the culture too soon: the train/bus from the airport for a beginner is a bad idea. I have met a few people who had hundreds of euros stolen from them within 30 minutes of entering France.

5. Download the festival app: Download the app and schedule your sessions. You’ll be faster and less tired if you know which sessions you want to cover.

6. Attend all of the brand’s beach houses: Many fun sessions also take place outside the Palace. Most of these brands with their own beach houses also have great swag.

7. If you win big, take your country’s flag home. You will miss it if you don’t have it.

8. Keep at least one evening free to have a great time at the beach. Try to do this within the first two days. I completely missed that, and I regret it.

9. Pack a power bank. You’ll want to click photos and shoot videos, but your battery won’t be in the mood.

I hope that helps. To see next year.

(Guest author is managing partner at Dentsu Webchutney, digital creative agency of Dentsu Creative India.)


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