Bonville author writes, prints and publishes locally about gold prospecting in the Coffs Coast Hills – News Of The Area


Alan Melbourne, author of Bonville, with a prospecting treasure.

Alan Melbourne, resident of BONVILLE, is on the way to becoming a bestselling author.

Having written and self-published “Veins of Gold,” his memoir of prospecting for gold in the hills around Coffs Harbor since the 1980s, Alan’s third edition is heading for the shelves.

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“Many books are produced by big publishers just to make money – that’s understandable – but this results in an excessive production of favorite authors, often the good scripts from unknown authors. are simply rejected, ”Alan told News Of The Area.

“I was asked to write down my memories of prospecting in the backcountry of Coffs Harbor.

“I noticed it would be best written by one of the elders… but you’re one of them,” my kids said. “

Alan decided to do that and make it a completely homemade book – “about our region, published and printed in our region”.

He wrote about the adventures of a group of old guys in search of abandoned mines, their history, their geology, their romance.

“And, of course, about the gold we found,” he added.

“For the illustrations, I asked my prospecting buddy, Neil Vaughan, to do pencil sketches of the sites because the photographs did not always capture the feeling of many places.

“After six months of writing and trying chapters on Neil and my dear wife, Lori, I felt ready.

“My son-in-law, Oliver, has agreed to do secondary editing, formatting, cover design and co-editing.”

Alan got a quote from Mid Coast Printing in Coffs Harbor for printing and binding 100 copies.

“It was within my reach, so I decided to go ahead – there would be enough books for family and friends, and a few to try and sell.

“When I picked up the finished books, I was amazed at how beautiful they looked, the premium paper (also recycled), and the unfurled covers. “

Now in the third edition hundreds of products have been sold – Alan is encouraging others to go local with their own stories.


A prospector’s dream: maps, models, minerals.

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