Boston weatherman Mish Michaels dies at 53, family mourns


American meteorologist and Boston-based meteorologist Mish Michaels has died, a family member has reportedly confirmed. Mish Michael is well known in Boston for her on-air reporting. Although the reason for Mish’s unfortunate death has yet to be revealed, the deterioration in health is something that can be predicted.

The news broke when an official statement was released by a family spokesperson. They said: ‘We are so saddened to inform you of the passing of our dear Mish Michaels. His passing saddened our family. Mish was a loving mother, wife, daughter, niece, friend and accomplished rider.

The other remarked that “Mish was also an award-winning television meteorologist and environmental journalist. His professional accomplishments were impressive, but so was his dedication to helping others through his charitable endeavors. During this terrible time, we ask that our family’s privacy be respected. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Funeral arrangements will be made public.

The family’s statement is entirely understandable in nature, weakening any foul play argument in Mish’s death. Therefore, it is safe to infer that his family raised no doubts about the 53-year-old’s sudden death. Amazingly, Michaels was an Indian by birth as she was born in Calcutta, India.

After that, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Cornell University in New York. Not only this Mish also did her Masters in Technology at the very prestigious Harvard University. Michaels began her career in New Hampshire before moving to Boston to work for WHDH-TV and WBZ-TV. She was also a meteorologist for The Weather Channel. His time at WGBH, the local PBS station, ended almost as quickly as it began.

According to a 2017 Boston Globe investigation, the Emmy Award winner may have been fired as a science writer. The reason behind the same was undoubtedly to question a probable relationship between vaccinations and autism. “Greater Boston” anchorman Jim Braude “raised concerns,” according to the tabloid.

Michaels was “a kind, dependable and curious meteorologist who loved science,” according to a post on WBZ-TV Wednesday night. She spent seven years at Channel 4, according to the broadcaster. “Mish has tracked tornadoes, flown through storms, and lit up our lives,” WBZ said, adding that she “has always shared her interest in science and weather.”

“Mish was determined to pave the way for female meteorologists, not just in Boston, but across the country. Surprisingly, in a domain controlled by men for decades. And she went ahead and did it. Michaels is not just a meteorologist or broadcaster, but also an author and entrepreneur, according to his LinkedIn page. She was a graduate of Cornell University and said an F2 tornado “swept through her apartment complex just outside Baltimore” while she was in kindergarten.


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