Breaking down barriers to writing and inspiring young writers with Tanisha Tiwari, author and journalist


“Writing is not restrictive and has no rules” is what Tanisha Tiwari believes. For her, writing is not just a matter of friction between the pages and the pen, it is the language that binds souls. She believes the world can change, little by little, if it involves writers and readers. Finding writing as the true potential, she holds the title of author at the age of 23.

Whether it was her love for English classes or participating in interschool writing challenges, she never gave up on her dream of being a writer. Sometimes people said she wasn’t good enough, but all she stood for was “her handwriting”.

The journey of being a published author is not easy, it is exhausting, it is exhausting, it is the lack of personal importance and it is also believing “I am not good enough” or “Who go read my books “but since the curtains are down, it’s about being called ‘The Author’. The word itself contains a lot of pride and ferocity and that’s what she lives with.

In an age when the Internet has made people read more books online, people don’t tend to read enough books or say “they don’t like the smell of books.” This, she thinks, is the reason for a lot of the nuisances that are created in society. As his father believes, knowledge isn’t something you get with degrees, it’s what you capture in your morals and it’s what reading gives you. Continuing in her father’s footsteps of knowledge, she is a self-contemplating woman who demonstrates daring in her decisions, in her writings and in her personal life.

Besides being a published author, she has also been a part of major organizations including NDTV, India’s largest labor office project, Ministry of Labor and Employment managed projects. She is also the CEO of a news organization called “The Voix Tribune” which has worked meticulously to make a voice heard against crime and injustice.

His book ‘I will win without war‘tells the story of a young woman, Sarah, who faced the traumas of her childhood, finally managed to conquer her fears and watch her criminals face the wrath of agony. This is child abuse – the subject that needs to be discussed more in society but is feared that it has been raised because it is a “sensitive subject”. Her book is a small step towards recognizing the plight of children, not in this country, but on the planet, who have been confronted with all kinds of mistreatment that caused them to lose their childhood.

A quote from the book ‘When a child is raped, not only the physiology but the emotion is violatedThis is enough to explain the trauma a child experiences when witnessing child abuse or rape. The aim of the book is to highlight “CHILD ABUS” and “TALK ABOUT IT”.

Find the book here:

Being part of society and being a responsible citizen are two different things, Tanisha believes in the second. For her, it’s what you do for people rather than what you expect from them for yourself.

For her, it’s about making those little changes that might go unnoticed but that you can’t ignore for long!


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