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A writing competition was announced late last year as part of a collaboration between the Carnegie Public Library, the Record-Herald and local author Margaret Peterson Haddix – submissions have arrived and winners will be announced next week!

Margaret Peterson Haddix, internationally acclaimed New York Times bestselling author for tweens and teens, is from Fayette County and is a graduate of Miami Trace. Every year, she visits the Carnegie Public Library to preview her latest books, but with the pandemic, it was decided to hold a writing contest instead of an in-person visit.

Students from Fayette County were invited to participate in the writing contest where participants make up a story using the 46 titles from Haddix’s books. It was not necessary to capitalize the titles of the books, just use the titles as part of the story. To participate, students had to submit a one to two page story.

The rules weren’t completely followed with every submission, but while this was factored in, the judges didn’t want to disqualify the great stories for one or two misunderstandings.

The judges who read the submissions were unaware of the writer or school that submitted the stories. The stories were first reduced to six, and the first three were then chosen.

Although Haddix was not personally involved in the judgment, she will read the top three stories selected by the judges. Second and third place authors will receive their favorite autographed MPHaddix book. The grand prize winner will receive five autographed books of their choice.

The six best stories were chosen from the competition and are by the following authors:

-Mason Haslett of Miami Trace Elementary School

-Elliott Hatton of Miami Trace Elementary School: “An Exciting Road Trip”

-Sarah Whitney of Miami Trace Elementary School: “Ella’s Adventures”

-Cambria Wary and Coree Johnson of Washington Court House Municipal Schools: “Ella’s Palace of Mirrors”

-Haylee Corbin, Ashlynn Milam and Akira Wilson of Washington Court House City Schools: “The Infectious”

-Amaya Cassidy, Emmersyn Fredrick, Lily Clevenger, Sophia Fryer and Soren Sedlmeyer: “Rotation Royalty”

The top three winners from those above will be announced next week and the story of the grand prize winner will be published in the Record-Herald!

The student winners will be announced next week


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