Chelmsford fine arts professor appointed editor of MA Music Publication


CHELMSFORD, MA — Christy Whittlesey, K-12 Fine and Performing Arts Coordinator at Chelmsford Public Schools, has been named Publications Editor of the Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA), announced the district on Tuesday.

Whittlesey, who will continue in her role with Chelmsford Public Schools, will oversee all content and publishing for the Massachusetts Music Educators Journal, a quarterly publication that covers all elements of music education in Massachusetts.

The publication, which reaches 13,000 readers, is available to K-12 music teachers, high school and college music students and other stakeholders, according to MMEA.

Whittlesey, who has previously contributed several articles to MME Journal, spoke about some of her plans for the publication.

“One of my goals is to make the Journal more interactive with different viewing platforms and live links built in,” Whittlesey said. “I would also like more voices to be heard and more people to contribute.”

Whittlesey added, “I will work with the Editorial Board to represent all aspects of music education. The (Journal) is a great tool for members to use and discover new teaching approaches.”

In addition to her connection to the Journal, Whittlesey has served as a clerk on the MMEA board and served as conference coordinator and presenter at the MMEA annual conference.

Whittlesey has a doctorate. in Educational Research and Evaluation from UMass Lowell, she earned an undergraduate degree in music from Berklee College and a master’s degree in music education from Boston University.

Additionally, Whittlesey is the author of “It’s OK to Say They” and “The Beginner’s Guide to Being a Trans Ally” and, according to the school district, she is a sought-after speaker on transgender issues.

Whittlesey joined Chelmsford Public Schools in 2013 and is in her 13th year as the K-12 Fine and Performing Arts District Coordinator.


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