Children’s author travels to elementary school in the United States to inspire students to love writing

Photo by Connor Veenstra

The students listen attentively to Baldonado reading his books.

April Gremel/Courtesy

Children’s book author Alison Myers-Baldonado recently visited the Unionville-Sebewaing area primary school via Zoom to encourage students to write, now and in the future.

Baldonado, originally from Sebewaing, is the author of the “Rowan Goes..” series of books, in which Rowan, a replacement for her daughter, embarks on magical adventures with her grandmother. When she met American paraprofessional April Gremel at a book signing, Gremel mentioned that she worked with sophomores. Baldonado offered to give them a free reading of her two books, which she does for many other schools, as well as a short writing activity.

Once she zoomed in on the second grade class in the United States, Baldonado told the kids how she went to that same school, sat in the same class, and now writes children’s books at adulthood. She believes this helps students see that writing is accessible and fun.

“When you have insight and you’ve seen someone else do it, then something new becomes possible,” Baldonado said.

Students then received writing instructions from which to write their own stories. Then they presented them to the class.

“The fact that they’re enlightened about what they’re creating is why I make them,” Baldonado said.


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