College Station author celebrates publication of third novel


COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) — Chaselyn Roderick is a freshman at Texas A&M University who is making a name for herself as a professional author. At just 18 years old, the young author is already celebrating the publication of her third novel.

Ever since she can remember, Roderick has had a passion for writing, a passion that made her the young fantasy writer she is today.

“I’ve always written little stories,” Roderick said. “I had a children’s book that I wrote in fourth grade. It’s called Gnome in a New Home. It was never published, but I wrote it.

When Roderick was 11, she began work on her fantasy novel Activated which would become her first published novel at age 16. There are plans to create six Activated spin-off novels, Roderick said.

“I started it very young, so I would love to go back and revise it maybe one more time, repost it, but I love this series. It will forever hold my heart,” Roderick said.

Her latest novel 01% Falling is part of her “Solutions” series, a sequel to 99% Down. The novel follows a cast of protagonists traveling through a dystopian world filled with monsters with the goal of reaching a place called “Sanctuary”. Both novels are set in the state of Texas.

“I have a trilogy planned for this one as well as a diary from one of the villains,” Roderick. “I don’t plan on going that far with 99% Down, but I have plans for it.”

While some of Roderick’s innovative ideas came to her in dreams, she often finds inspiration through music.

“I like to listen to music when I write,” Roderick said. “Some songs put me in a state of mind, it’s like I want to write a battle scene to that song and I’m going to plan whole chapters based on a song.”

Roderick has said throughout her life that she was influenced by her teachers and especially her mother who was her partner and editor.

“I talk a lot with my mother and she gives me like a crumb of an idea and it’s just going to go around in circles,” Roderick said. “This weekend, we described all of the third book in the Solutions series based on a small conversation.

As a young author, Roderick said she often had a lot of doubts, but received a lot of support along the way.

“It’s not a stable field, you just have to have faith that it’s going to work out,” Roderick said. “But I love it more than anything. It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’d be happy not to do a ton of it as long as I can keep doing it.

Roderick is currently studying English with a minor in science fiction and fantasy studies. Although school can keep her busy, she finds time to pursue her passion.

“It’s so much easier once I have the book described, I can sit down one day and write 2,000 words, that’s half a chapter. Slowly but surely it’s coming along. It’s more in the idea phase right now,” Roderick said of the third novel in the “Solutions” series.

Roderick said his biggest dream is to one day see his novels become movies or TV shows.

“I would love to see how other people view my characters and the world I created in these books,” Roderick said.

To learn more about Chaselyn Roderick, you can check out her website at or visit her author page on Amazon.

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