Colorado Springs Woman Started Writing Books After Her Mother Passed Away, Now She Owns a Bookstore


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — “young bookworms” is a new bookstore located north of Colorado Springs that exclusively sells self-published children’s books.

The idea was created by Joni McCoy after she started writing and publishing books herself. Joni was inspired by her mother, herself an avid reader.

“My mom was the greatest reader of all time and she really instilled that in us,” McCoy said.

In the later stages of her life, McCoy’s mother enjoyed having Joni read picture books to her. Joni’s mother was battling Alzheimer’s disease.

After her passing, McCoy was inspired to start writing books, eventually selling them all over town.

After much success, McCoy decided to open “Young Bookworms” and fill the shelves with authors of all ages, some as young as six.

All the books face out on the shelves, so children can see the colorful covers and every author has an equal chance of getting attention. It’s not just the books that grab the attention of small customers. The store sells personalized bookmarks, pens, and other goodies.

From Tuesday, the bookstore will start offering workshops for young children to learn to write and publish their own books. If they write one, it can be sold alongside the other authors at “Young Bookworms”, kids can even earn royalties.

“Young Bookworms” is located at 3604 Hartsel Drive, Suite B in Colorado Springs.


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