“Comedy writing is finally getting serious attention in India,” says satirist and humorist Dr Jas Kohli.


Popular comedian writer Dr Jas Kohli recently released his latest comedy fiction, “Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana! ‘, A skillfully written comedy with hilarious observations, irony, and an ironic look at the characters’ lifestyles. He has published works that have been one riot of laughter after another, making him one of the country’s most popular satirist and comedian writers.

A practicing cosmetic surgeon with a passion for books, Dr Jas Kohli decided to pursue a literary career just because he wanted to. it was a conscious decision. After years of reading, even while studying medicine, he started working on his book. Recognizing his talent for comedic timing, which was further reinforced by his friends and family, the doctor chose humor and comedy as his genre, and boy, it wasn’t a great decision. “Writing comedy is so much more different than being generally funny. It takes a lot of time and effort. Still, it’s worth it – what better way than to bring a smile to someone’s face, ”Jas explained of why he chose to stick with this trip. Much of his humor is based on original characters he has encountered in his day to day life. “The society and the people of our country have so many features that are fun. There are also certain techniques for generating humor in the printed word, ”admitted Jas.

It wasn’t just the humorous writing that has had its fair share of relentless effort, but the publication of his work has been a long journey as well. He explained that he had to constantly switch from one publisher to another in order for his manuscript to be published; the first manuscript was rejected by thirteen editors before being taken for publication.

His comedic genius shone wonderfully in his latest issue ‘Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana! ‘, Where the protagonist talks about materialism while being confronted with uncomfortable situations that do nothing but help his cause. Although it is a work of fiction, this book is a humorous interpretation of the the loud and flamboyant people of Ludhiana and their love for big celebrations.

This side-splitting artist has become a favorite among many, mostly due to the interesting yet oddly relatable characters, thrilling twists and turns, and the overall chaotic charm. “We come from a country known for its pompous marriages; you could call him a favorite focal point of our society which is something readers identify with. On top of that, the weird situations the characters find themselves in, along with the constant satire, irony, and puns make this book an enjoyable read, ”Jas said of the success of his latest book. .

In addition to recognizing his talent for humorous writing, Dr. Jas prefers to stick to comedy because he believes in the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”. “Humor not only causes chemicals and feel-good hormones to be released into our blood, but also improves immunity. So it’s one of the best supplements that could easily beat many of the over-hyped superfoods. Humorous people are more sympathetic except when their sarcasm goes overboard. Humor can even resolve conflicts and intractable agreements, ”explained the surgeon. He also understands how irony and satire can help us become aware of social issues or even injustice, which is reflected in his work. He adds: “I miss the political cartoons that appeared in the newspapers. We can savor humor in many forms – stand-up comedians, internet comics, TV and web shows, poet comedians, comedy writers, and more. There is something for all tastes and preferences.

With the increasing popularity of the book, Dr. Jas Kohli finds himself surrounded by ideas and suggestions from his loved ones so that they can contribute to his journey. “I had both. I have relatives and friends who seem reserved when they speak in front of me lest their dialogue or scene find a place in my next novel. On the other hand, a few others are keen to give me ideas, and some even suggest that I use their witty remarks for my writing. A friend of mine wasn’t even opposed to having a funny incident in his life included in my novel, with his real name, ”the doctor explained of how his life has changed since he got there. started writing bone-tickling comedies.

The writer now hopes that many more readers will enjoy his new book and continue to follow the work of local authors. “We have come of age and are as good as any foreign author. In addition, books in the Indian frame with familiar cultural background will always give greater satisfaction to the reader, ”concluded Dr Jas Kohli.


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