Court refuses to stop publication and sale of Khurshid’s book


New Delhi: A Delhi court has refused to stop the publication, circulation and sale of former Union Minister Salman Khurshid’s book, dismissing the plea filed by a leader of the Hindutva group.

The lawsuit, filed by Hindu Sena chairman Vishnu Gupta, called on authorities to stop the publication, circulation and sale of Khurshid. Sunrise over Ayodhya. Gupta had argued that its contents allegedly hurt feelings.

Khurshid had compared a “hardy version” of Hindutva to the jihadist Islam of terrorist groups.

“I didn’t call these guys terrorists, I just said they’re similar in warping religion. What Hindutva did, he put aside “Sanatan Dharma” and Hinduism and took a tough and aggressive stance similar to Boko Haram and these other guys… I couldn’t find anyone else around. who they might be like. I said they look like them, that’s all, nothing to do with Hinduism. Hindutva, as described by its supporters, distorts religion, ”Khurshid told the news agency. PTI.

Amid a demonstration of outrage from the Bharatiya Janata Party and Hindutva groups, Khurshid’s house in Nainital was reportedly vandalized and burned down on November 15.

On Wednesday November 17, Additional Civil Judge Preeti Parewa presented the case for argument and clarification on the viability of the lawsuit on November 18.

In the opinion of this court, neither a prima facie case nor any exceptional circumstance for the grant of ad interim, ex part injunction in favor of the plaintiff was granted in this case.

“Further, the Applicant has failed to establish that the balance of convenience is in his favor. Therefore, the request for ad interim and ex parte reparation is dismissed at this stage, the judge said.

The court said the author and publisher had the right to write and publish the book.

“The plaintiff has not been able to establish that any inconvenience would be caused to him in order to avoid the book or allegedly ‘offensive’ extracts from the book. On the other hand, the injunction would cause difficulties for publishers and also limit the author’s right to speech and expression, ”the court said.

He said the plaintiff can still spread himself against the book and may even publish a rebuttal of the alleged paragraphs that hurt his feelings.

“In addition, only a copy of the extract was recorded and this extract cannot be read in an excluded / isolated manner to interpret the context in which said statement was made,” the court noted.

The advocacy claimed that the book launch event just before the upcoming parliamentary elections in Uttar Pradesh was aimed at polarizing and winning the voices of minorities in the state.

The plea seeks a prohibition injunction to ban the publication, distribution, circulation and sale of the book and also to ban the book in the wider interest of society and the country.

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