CytoImmune Therapeutics Announces Publication Demonstrating that Platelet-Derived Growth Factor D Signaling Activates Natural Killer (NK) Cells and Improves NK Cell Survival


A PNAS study demonstrates that binding of platelet-derived growth factor D (PDGF-D) to PDGF receptor beta (PDGFRβ) activates NK cells to enhance interleukin (IL)-15-mediated NK cell survival. City of Hope research suggests that selective introduction of PDGF signaling into NK cells by IL-15 should benefit NK cell expansion and persistence and/or improve effector function in immunotherapies. NK cell base.

Featured image for CytoImmune Therapeutics

Featured image for CytoImmune Therapeutics

Featured image for CytoImmune Therapeutics

TOA BAJA, Puerto Rico, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CytoImmune Therapeutics, a clinical-stage immunotherapy company developing a new class of natural killer (NK) cell-based cancer therapies, today announced a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), demonstrating the importance and impact of PDGF-D signaling in enhancing IL-15-mediated human natural killer cell survival.

The study, which took place at City of Hope, a world-renowned cancer research and treatment organization, found that PDGF-D activates NK cells via its receptor, PDGFRβ, in an autocrine manner and contributes to the IL-15-mediated NK cell survival. . The results of the study suggest that induction of PDGF signaling in tumor-responsive NK cells should benefit NK cell expansion and persistence and contribute to improved effector function in immunotherapies. of NK cells. Moreover, given the known role of PDGF-D secretion by tumors, these results also suggest that this signaling pathway may contribute to the beneficial effects of engineered NK cells to further modulate the tumor microenvironment in certain cancers.

“Our study confirms the role and importance of IL-15 in NK cell therapy. We remain focused in our quest to expand the understanding of NK cells as a cell therapy treatment for patients with difficult-to-treat cancers,” said Michael Caligiuri. , MD, president of the City of Hope National Medical Center and lead author of the study.

City of Hope has licensed CytoImmune for several patent applications to develop a portfolio of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) NK cell therapies.

“We are excited to share these data on the role of PDGF-D-PDGFRβ signaling in NK cell survival. These fundamental data support CytoImmune’s technical approach to enhance NK cell survival by introducing secretory IL-15 into each NK cell. the scientific understanding of tumor-responsive NK cell biology gives us added confidence in our innovative approach to NK cell therapy as a novel treatment option for patients battling cancer,” said Christina Coughlin, MD, Ph. .D., President and CEO of CytoImmune Thérapeutique.

“We are encouraged by these findings and look forward to continuing our work to further improve our technology,” she added.

NK cell technology works by using NK cells from patients or normal donors. The NK cells are then modified to express certain genes (eg IL-15) to improve survival and activation and a CAR that is specific for a protein expressed by cancer cells. When the receptor binds, the NK cells activate and destroy the cancerous tissue.

Based on the research of Caligiuri and Jianhua Yu, who have over 55 years of collective laboratory investigation of NK cells, CytoImmune is developing an NK cell platform designed to overcome the limitations and challenges of current technologies. This collective knowledge and experience is used to engineer NK cells focusing on the subset of tumor-reactive NK cells.

The platform is designed to generate an abundant supply of CAR NK cells from a single donor, with each cell engineered to express soluble IL-15 for sustained anti-tumor activity in the body. It will also allow scientists to freeze, transport and store engineered CAR NK cells for ready-to-use use to treat cancer.

Please access the study titled PDGF-D-PDGFRβ signaling enhances IL-15-mediated human natural killer cell survival here. For more information, please contact Will Rosellini: [email protected]

About CytoImmune Therapeutics, Inc.

Founded in 2017, CytoImmune Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing an innovative and differentiated pipeline of NK cell therapies. It uses proprietary, robust and well-characterized NK cell expansion and engineering technologies developed by Michael Caligiuri, MD, and Jianhua Yu, Ph.D. The pipeline includes TRACK-NK for lung cancer, FLT3 CAR-NK for acute myeloid leukemia, PSCA CAR-NK cells for solid tumors and a BCMA CAR-NK cell secreting GPRC5D BiKE for multiple myeloma. CytoImmune’s lead product, CYTO-102 (TRACK-NK cell therapy), aims to enter the clinic in combination with atezolizumab (anti-PD-L1 monoclonal antibody) for non-small cell lung cancer in 2022.

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