Decoration ideas for students to make a dorm like home


Moving from home to student accommodation is really a big deal. The majority of first years end up in university accommodation – the student dormitory. And this brings them many advantages! For example, students living in a dormitory can easily make friends and form strong bonds. Also, student dorms are usually located very close to the main campus or even in the same building where classes are held. This means you can sleep longer in the morning because you don’t have to travel anywhere. Living in a dormitory also helps young people to become more independent.

Living in a dorm can be very convenient in terms of studying. You can cooperate with your housemates while doing your homework. If you need help with your homework, you can get it even at night. Imagine, you have to write Essay by Rosa Parks or a research paper and you don’t know how to complete it. You have a few options on how to handle this situation. First, you can turn to a special assignment writing service by following the link above. And second, you can work on your task with other students living in the dorm because two heads are better than one.

However, living in a dorm can sometimes seem a bit daunting. Why? Because it’s too different from yours. To make your dorm room more comfortable and personalized, follow the tips below. Maybe they will help you feel more at home during your studies.

Make a photo wall

Starting your studies in college can be a bit nerve-wracking, as you are expected to change your surroundings to one without your best friends and family members. Basically, you will lose your support system. That’s why starting a photo wall isn’t just about decoration. This interior element can help you feel closer to your loved ones. Hang pictures where you share happy memories with people you care about.

Put plants

Most dorms are stuffy and boring. So how do you bring color and life to these institutional spaces? You can decorate your room with plants. As a student, you might need inspiration and energy, so this is a great way to get both of those. Plants are sure to bring some life to your dorm room and create an uplifting atmosphere. Choose plants that are not only beautiful but also easy to care for. For example, you can choose pretty, low-maintenance succulents.

Decoration ideas for students to make a dorm like home

Get a nice duvet

Invest in a nice duvet to make your bedroom more chic and trendy. Since this is an item that you will be using every day, make sure you choose one that is made of high quality fabrics. Everything should express your personality in your bedroom, so choose a duvet in a color and pattern that resonates with you the most.

hang the lights

How to add warmth and whimsy to your space? It’s easy to do with string lights around the perimeter of the room. Place them on the ceiling to create a beautiful starry night effect. You can also hang pretty curtains that cascade down the walls. By the way, you can customize this decor element. Some lights change color, giving you a different feeling.

Put a rug

Student dormitories usually have hard floors made of solid materials. Of course, the tile does not add to the comfort. And even if your room is carpeted, it’s usually made of a very rough commercial grade material. It’s all more about durability than comfort. To make your flow much more comfortable, you should purchase a plush mat. You can even lay it on any floor covering to feel the difference.

Add a bulletin board

Bulletin boards are highly functional objects. They help you keep track of important things. You can place lesson times and shopping lists there, so you never forget your top priorities. However, a bulletin board can also be a decorative element if you add pretty pictures, inspirational messages and precious photos to it. By the way, you can use ropes with clothespins instead of bulletin boards because they look adorable too.

Have a mirror

All dorms have very limited space. And you have to make the most of it! One of the most practical and stylish tips is to get a large mirror. Hang it on the back of your door, so your room will feel bigger as your eyes will be tricked into believing the space extends further.

Final Thoughts

Hope the ideas given above will help you make your dorm cute and inviting. Do not wait any longer to decorate your space, do it as soon as you have free time to feel at home.

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Samuel Walsh is an interior designer with over ten years of experience. He creates beautiful designs for apartments and offices. Samuel likes to combine beauty and functionality in the same space.


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