Digging into the past – Makarand Paranjape and Sudheendra Kulkarni to examine India’s written history


New Delhi: The history of India is a tale as old as time. From the Indus Valley Civilization dating back to 3300 BC to the Chandragupta Maurya Empire that ruled the Indian Peninsula during the 320s BC, from the arrival of Persian invaders to the establishment of the Sultanate of Delhi, from Mughal rule to the arrival of British rulers in India, and finally from Independence to 75 years of free India — our country’s history is vast.

Some observe Indian history by separating various rules and regimes and some view Indian history as one but just volumes for the different periods.

To understand the nuances of Indian history writing, author and academician Makarand R Paranjape and author and socio-political activist Sudheendra Kulkarni will ‘dig into the past’ at ‘Wildstone presents ABP Ideas of India’, with a conversation about “India’s History: Change or Continuity?” Renowned journalist Vir Sanghvi will chair the session where the two panelists will discuss how India’s history has been shaped and whether it must be rewritten.

ABP Network is hosting its first “Ideas of India” summit, which will take place in Mumbai on March 25-26. Top minds from various fields will speak about India’s 75-year journey and the future it holds.

Makarand R Paranjape, an English teacher at JNU since 1999, is a former director of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. Paranjape has written and edited over 50 books. His latest books include Swami Vivekananda: Hinduism and India’s Road to Modernity (2020), New Perspectives in Indian Science and Civilization (2020)and The Death and Afterlife of Mahatma Gandhi (2015).

Sudheendra Kulkarni is the founder of “Forum For A New South Asia”, Mumbai. A strong supporter of interfaith harmony in the world, Kulkarni is actively involved in a mission to achieve normalization of India-Pakistan relations and promote closer ties between India and China. He is a well-known socio-political activist, writer and media commentator, and a strong supporter of the Gandhian philosophy of truth and non-violence.


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