Fanicia Howard expresses her passion for writing in ‘Heartstrings’


Fanicia Howard (Photo courtesy of Slingshots Photography)

Since her childhood, Fanicia Howard has embraced her passion for art and creative writing. In 2010, the Chicago native moved to Atlanta to pursue her bachelor’s degree in English at Clark University in Atlanta. During her studies, Howard interned at a digital magazine where she developed a fervor for creative writing.

At the end of his internship, Howard began writing an approximately five-year chapbook of poetry titled, Letters to an anonymous heart. The sequel to the first collection of poems was Rope to heart.

What is the story behind Heart Rope?
Heart Rope is my second next chapbook Letters to an anonymous heart. The poems continue the themes of nature, spirituality, love, female emancipation, proverbial wisdom and intellectual thought. The name comes from the idiomatic phrase ‘shoot to the heart’, which means to elicit strong feelings, sympathy, or empathy towards something or someone. I was very intentional with the second book to express myself [unapologetically] with the depth of my content. Heart Rope also proves my maturation as an author and it shows in the tone of the poems.

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