From hospitality to news app, Hitesh Khushlani is writing success stories with a new trend: The Tribune India


Renowned businessman Hitesh Khushlani is not only a businessman but also a great investor. He has other businesses like hotels, founder and promoter of The Lion Book News, etc. He made his global presence through his versatile business and investments. Recently, he had hosted his birthday party with the success of his newsbook The Lion in which Bollywood stars, businessmen and socialites attended the party.

Hitesh Khushlani said his target audience is young people who love sports, games and are surrounded by the internet. Today’s generation is more into the internet, and everything is easily accessible through it. Lion Book app is a sports news app that supports sports commerce in India. I always view business as an investment, whether it’s a spa and hotel, app or real estate. I prefer business with global demand. Hitesh has extensive business knowledge.

Hitesh Khushlani is a prominent businessman who is a successful name in many hotels, spas, restaurants and real estate. Hitesh Khushlani recently launched the sports news platform The Lion Book News which is now a big name in the cricket news platform. The success of The Lion Book App with Birthday Celebration has doubled the fun of this party night.

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