Hamilton author Bruce Eberts takes up writing in retirement


Bruce Eberts grew up in Northern Ontario before heading south to Hamilton to attend McMaster University and study occupational therapy.

He successfully owned and operated a healthcare business which he has since sold. He now lives a semi-retired life where his family and friends encouraged him to put his story to paper.

Eberts says he always had stories in his head that he wanted to put down on paper. Once he had some time off, he says he finally had time to write.

His first book, Drip Castle, takes place in Northern Ontario. It’s about a man who wants to take his mother to Mexico to cure her of MS. He decides to pay for it by stealing a twin-engine Cessna filled with gold bars from the local gold mine.

“The book was meant to be a to-do list,” Eberts said. “Then I started getting all these emails and contacts about the characters in the book.”

He says he realized there was interest in the characters and in the book, so he decided to write a sequel called Liquid moon.

Eberts says he did a lot of research for both books, including calling police and flight schools to figure out the different ways to transport gold and other wealth.

Eberts says he also tried to keep the book Canadian with Easter eggs for famous Canadian bands and musicians, as well as using lots of Canadian words.

More information on drip castle and liquid moon can be found here.

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