Haslett named winner of writing competition


The winner of the Haddix writing competition – produced in collaboration between the Carnegie Public Library, the Record-Herald and local author Margaret Peterson Haddix – is “The Assignment” by Mason Haslett of Miami Trace Elementary School.

Haslett followed the rules of the contest while creating cohesive and creative news. Haslett’s story should be featured in Saturday’s edition of RH!

As previously reported, Margaret Peterson Haddix is ​​an internationally acclaimed New York Times bestselling author for tweens and teens. She is originally from Fayette County and graduated from Miami Trace. Every year she goes to the Carnegie Public Library to preview her latest books, but with the pandemic, it was decided to hold a writing competition instead of an in-person visit.

Students from Fayette County were invited to participate in the writing contest where participants make up a story using the 46 titles from Haddix’s books. It was not necessary to capitalize the titles of the books, just use the titles as part of the story. To participate, students had to submit a one to two page story.

Second place in the writing contest went to Washington Court House City Schools students, Amaya Cassidy, Emmersyn Fredrick, Lily Clevenger, Sophia Fryer and Soren Sedlmeyer for their story, “Rotation Royalty.”

Third place in the writing competition went to Cambria Wary and Coree Johnson, students of Washington Court House City Schools, for their story, “Ella’s Palace of Mirrors”.

The stories are available for reading at the library, located at 127 S. North St. in Washington Court House.

The staff of the Record-Herald would like to congratulate all of the students who entered the competition. Starting and ending a story, whether short or long, takes dedication and patience. Overall, the stories were imaginative, creative, and entertaining. The community is encouraged to give them a reading.

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