Hey Pandas, could you give me some story ideas?


I keep coming up with ideas for writing a story, but I’m never happy with the version I write of it. Maybe we could help each other? It’s a world I’ve been trying to write a story about for years, but it never feels right:

A thousand years in the future in an alternate world, on an island in what we know in our world as the Mediterranean, chaos ensues. The island was once a colony of an empire, and once the empire collapsed, the island was divided into two countries, one for the native people and the other for the descendants of the natives and imperials. 30 years after the establishment of this partition, the country of the natives invades the other to, according to them, take back their ancestral homeland which was stolen from them. In my story, I write from the perspective of a 15-year-old boy living in the countryside being invaded. In the different versions I have written, his journey has varied, from escaping to start a new life with his mother while his father stays behind, or working with his parents, family and acquaintances to form a resistance clandestine. There are a lot of different variables that I played with, like losing people dear to this character and introducing some romance. So yeah, if you’re willing to share, I’d like to know what you think about it, what you would do with this world and this character, or if you would write from a different point of view. That’s what I think is the beauty of creative storytelling – the same universe and the same overarching plot can drive a story in many directions depending on the author and the characters, allowing everyone to express themselves and send a slightly different message.


So there are two siblings. They live a happy life in a middle-class neighborhood. One day, their parents have a car accident. The two brothers have to go to an orphanage where they are separated from each other. We go to a rich family with a spoiled child. The other goes to a poor family who cherish what they have.

(You can write anything in this part)

One day, somehow, they are reunited. (I’m giving you plenty of places to fill in so it’s more your idea than mine. I don’t mean plagiarism or anything like that. Good luck with your stories!)



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