How writing a poem a day is helping a Northern Ontario man through the pandemic


Bill Steer is no stranger to exploring Northeastern Ontario and for the past year has been writing about it every day.

Steer wrote poems. He said he came up with the idea after hearing about someone else doing it on CBC’s Fresh Air show.

“It’s a bit like keeping a diary or making a diary and it’s an easy form,” he said.

“I kind of found a package where I take the picture, have a title for the haiku, then explain it and then give it to someone.”

On January 10, he offered the following haiku to CBC’s Morning North listeners.


music in the woods
Natural Symphonies
winter walk again

He also posted a photo of a late afternoon landscape with snow in the trees.

“I missed the fall location with those colors of splendor,” he said of the area.

“The snow gives this place another magnetic pull.”

Steer said writing every day has helped him.

“It was a good kind of therapy for mental health,” he said.

“It takes us away from all the madness of [COVID].”

“Receive Benefits”

Many studies looked at how writing can help people cope with anxiety and depression.

American author Julia Cameron said being creative and expressive can help.

“Writing daily pages gives us a testimony of our lives and brings us optimism, generosity, encouragement and fulfillment and just a lot of positive things,” she said.

She encouraged others to try writing and see if they can pick up a new habit.

“Try to trust that you will receive benefits,” she said. “Pages train you to grow.”


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