I will continue to write regardless of how many people read me.


With the onset of fall comes a new school season for students and new shows for avid viewers. This may be another chance and opportunity to refresh writing goals and dreams. And that’s what I’d like to do by writing wisely in the fall of 2022. Write more concrete blog posts with meaning and depth. There are plenty of other bloggers, youtubers, music creators, podcasters and others who probably have the same thoughts as me. For whom do they write and who reads, watches or listens to them?

With all the writers writing right now, the chances of them all coming out on top are pretty slim. So I’ve come to the realization and acceptance that I’ll probably never be a top 10 blogger at the peak of popularity with people going over my thoughts in their heads as they go about their day. I can’t even convince my friends or my wife to read my blog posts. This is not a pessimistic or negative blog post, but a realistic truth that we as writers all have to face. And even if I was on top of the world, how long would I stay there? How many popular author’s books end up in the discount bin at Barnes and Noble or a used book store? How many works by authors of great prose and poetry eBook authors are unwatched on the Amazon Kindle store? Does William Shakespeare really care where he is in eternity if another high school drama class plays Romeo and Juliet?

When we die, we probably won’t care one way or another who reads us or not. Well, maybe if what we wrote helps them to love God or their neighbor more, we could reap the benefits. Or the opposite is true. If we pushed others to stop loving God or our neighbor, we might feel the burn in one or two places.

Whether 10 or 10,000 people read my words and thoughts, I will continue to write on the Patheos platform given to me as long as it is available to me. I suggest others keep writing if it is your passion, your gift and your dream. Write for God. Write for yourself and for the few or many readers who will assimilate your work. You could touch 1 person or several.

I hope to write more movie, book, music and TV reviews.

The problem with this is having the time and energy to do it. I work at the nursing home and come home, then of course I have to spend time with my lovely wife. She doesn’t like the same things I want to watch and comment on. Plus, I just want to go home and not think at the end of the day about putting together desserts, serving food, and washing dishes. Even if I manage to put something on cyber paper, sometimes I lack the willpower to read it properly and make the appropriate changes.

I also have the insistent urge to look on social networks to see the latest interesting things published. I also want to know who liked me or not. I don’t usually get love on Twitter. Some on facebook. Every once in a while I get a comment on one of my blog posts. If I ever resurrect my video creation skills, I wonder how Youtube would receive me. No matter. I will keep trying to watch more shows, movies and read books to have something concrete to write about. And then I’ll try to actually write. A year from now, I wonder how many of these dreams will become a fruitful reality. I might be dead in a year.

I will probably continue to write on other topics as well. Comments on news, history and intriguing articles that I find by other passionate bloggers like me who also want an audience. I wish I had more guest posts. I want others to join me in producing good quality, thought provoking, fun, intriguing and interesting blog posts here at The Catholic Bard. I’ll probably continue to write blog posts full of memorable quotes because it’s pretty easy to do. It takes work but not as much cognitive thinking as focusing on a single topic in great detail. And I will sometimes write about writing. I’m an expert on why I can’t write. My wife says he’s a cop. She also says my blog posts are too long and I quote too many others. That’s why I will end here without real quotes other than the photo with a quote.


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