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MALDEN, Mass., Dec 3 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – INSPAN LLC (a privately held company) is pleased to announce the positive results of an Ambulatory Interspinous Lumbar Fixation Clinical Study for Degenerative Intervertebral Disc Disorders with Spinal Stenosis Using the Device interspinous fixation Inspan (INSPAN LLC). Unlike extension block designs, the Inspan device fixes the spine to provide immediate stability, distraction, decompression and fusion.

The study was performed at the R Choice Surgical Center, an outpatient outpatient surgery center in Fremont, Nebraska, UNITED STATES. The contributing authors of this study are Dr. Shane V. Raikar, MD, Dr. Arun A. Patil, MD, Dr. Deepak K. Pandey, Ph.D., and M. Sidharta R. Kumar.

This retrospective study reports the clinical outcome of pain reduction after implantation of the Inspan interspinous distraction decompression (IDD) device. The study was conducted in 13 patients with a median age of 68 years, all with chronic pain, and a median follow-up time of 19 months. The procedures were performed on patients diagnosed with degenerative intervertebral disc disorders and underlying spinal stenosis. There were no complications, no revisions or no implant failures. Additionally, postoperative pain as measured by the Digital Pain Rating Scale (NPRS) showed a statistically significant reduction in back and leg pain.

Lead author of the study, Dr Raikar, says, “I have been managing my patients’ spinal pain for 23 years by providing pain management solutions like kyphoplasty, trial and implant stimulation. of the spinal cord, morphine pump test and implant, radiofrequency nerve ablation. , and other methods that provide long-lasting pain relief.However, the Inspan Interspinous Distraction (IDD) Device provides a permanent solution by stabilizing the affected spine segment for pain relief and providing relief. neural compression via distraction of the spinal and lamina processes of the vertebral stenosis. The instrumentation is easy to use under fluoroscopy. The implant design allows for safe implantation to prevent fracture and collapse of the spinous process.

According to Dr. Pandey, President and COO of Inspan LLC, “Inspan has a long clinical experience since 2010 and we have continuously incorporated feedback from our physicians to improve device, instruments and technique. We will continue our commitment to innovation and to listening to our doctors. “

“It is very satisfying for me to train pain management physicians to use Inspan safely and effectively and to be readily available to help them,” says Prof. Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and Technical Director of Inspan LLC


INSPAN, LLC is privately owned by the KICVentures Group and is focused on advancing the patented interspinous fixation technology platform. The Inspan device has been proven for ten years with thousands of implants since FDA clearance in 2010.

About the KICventures group

Our founders have been investing in spine surgery since 2000, making us the most experienced healthcare investment holding company with the largest portfolio of medical device technologies focused on solutions for surgery. less invasive outpatient spine. Our investment strategy is to acquire or invent breakthrough technologies using our own capital or in partnership with private investors. This gives us the freedom to make quick and agile decisions, like when we acquired AxioMed Viscoelastic Disc Technologies while other companies invested in spinal fusion.


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About the R Choice Surgery Center

R Choice is a leading outpatient surgery center in Frémont, NE, and Omaha, NE specializing in the treatment of neuropathy, post-laminectomy syndrome, chronic neck and back pain, chronic regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia and headaches. The exceptional staff at R Choices provide innovative approaches and products to improve the independence and overall function of their patients, in order to provide them with a better quality of life.

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Inspan FDA Indications

The Inspan Slim Spinous Process Plate System is a non-pedicular posterior supplemental fixation system for use in the non-cervical spine (T1-S1). It is intended for the fixation / attachment of plaques to the spinous process for the purpose of obtaining additional fusion for the following indications: spondylolisthesis, trauma (fracture or dislocation), tumor or degenerative disc disease (defined as disc pain with degeneration of the disc confirmed by history and radiographic studies). The device is intended for use with bone graft material and is not intended for stand-alone use.

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Title – President and Chief Operating Officer

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