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Other common words or greetings we hear are “Hola”, a greeting used in the Spanish language. Although I have never been to Spain, we used this greeting when in Mexico. We just add a vowel to the end of a word and you’re about to speak Mexican or Spanish.

“Mucho” is another word often heard in Mexico. Mucho can describe many things. Mucho gracias – thank you very much. Except the correct way to use mucho is muchas. Mucho is singular and masculine, so it really doesn’t work. But when I practice my very bad Mexican/Spanish/Mexican, everything seems fine to me. Most people who speak these languages ​​would think I’m just nuts. It’s fun to laugh at yourself and better not take yourself seriously, which makes it much more fun and entertaining.

One of the funniest times we were traveling was when we were in Italy.

I was trying to explain my daughter’s camera to a family of Italians when we were in Rome and the memory still makes me laugh. My daughter had an instamatic polaroid camera with her and was taking pictures of the Colosseum. One of the young children had never seen a camera like this and was very intrigued by this one. So, in my best Italian, I tried to explain to him. I tried to use a sign language and finally told him it was “instamatico”. Now anyone with a good Italian language would know what I was trying to say. Our family has cracked on this excellent explanation for many years and continues to do so. These are just a few examples of my great second language – Spanish/Mexican/Italian. I make a very interesting traveler, to say the least. Always worth a laugh or two.

Another time in Mexico; it was our first morning for breakfast so my mexican wasn’t too sharp yet. The hostess sat us down at a table. Shortly after, we were greeted in Mexican by our server and she greeted us with a Hola! I replied A-lo! A combination of hello in English and Hola in Mexican. It was a complete mess. My husband cracked up and enjoyed telling this story more than once about my fabulous understanding of the Mexican language. These are the types of incidents that make for great memories as well as storytelling.

We went to Varadero a few years ago. I haven’t had much luck trying to speak Cuban. Much more success in Mexico.

Over the years, I have enjoyed vacationing in different parts of the world.

When Covid hit us all, it basically brought travel to a halt for a lot of people, myself included. I still don’t know when we will reach the airports again. I never found airports and planes something I liked. There was always a certain amount of stress associated with the flight. I’m someone who likes to be ahead of the game when it comes to flying. From check-in to going through security. Until I’m sitting at the gate waiting for the air hostess or steward to announce that our plane is ready to begin boarding, I’m not relaxed. Now, when I watch TV and see the queues, the lost luggage, the horrific traveler stories; I believe my only means of travel will be by vehicle for the next few years and within Canada.

As I write this, the weather has been very hot for the past few days and warmer weather is heading our way.

Windrowers and combine harvesters are seen in the various fields as you drive through the country. Canola that was once a rich yellow has turned green and now a golden brown color. Instead of an abundance of yellow around me on my morning walk, it is now various stages of gold. Harvests look better than they have for years. More grain silos will be installed around farmyards, which simply means more silos – more money. But do not forget that all this has a cost for the farmer. Input costs are higher than ever for farmers. And I don’t even want to get into the stress of farming. Here is a fabulous harvest and an autumn for all.

My garden this year has been a bit hit and miss. Cucumbers grow well. My potatoes only sprouted about 50% which is very disappointing to say the least. I had bought some new seeds and tried planting them at about the same depth. About the only thing that’s been really good is my cucumbers and my tomatoes are doing great too. I started some flower seeds from scratch on Easter Saturday. One of the flower seeds I planted was Cosmos, and I love them. They are so easy to care for and very airy, and easy to kill. I just take my garden shears and cut, cut – done. They grow wild in South Africa – hopefully they will somehow take over my border plants.

In closing, I love meeting people who read my blog and enjoy it. If someone had asked me two years ago that I write a blog, I would have said no, I don’t think so. Thank you to my readers who appreciate my twisted sense of humor and the stories I tell. And also, to the McKenzie Funeral Homes – Brian and Bev Stobbs who sponsor this blog-o!

As I finish this blog, my music is playing, the rain is falling, and it’s the beginning line of the song that randomly lights up:

“In front of my door the rain is falling

A cold wild wind will come”

So I guess that’s the song you’re listening to this time. Stevie Nicks – wow what a great artist!

I still miss someone – Stevie Nicks – 1989

And now for more interesting information – written by Johnny Cash! I totally forgot it was Johnny’s song. What a beautiful cover!

PS – I hope you enjoyed the thunder and the storm on Saturday evening. What a light show! I almost jumped out of my skin on one of those big claps of thunder. Ouch!

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