Jennette McCurdy, Author of ‘I’m Glad My Mom Is Dead’, Is Writing a Novel


A little over two months ago, Jennette McCurdy published her first memoir. With the catchy title I’m glad my mother died, the darkly humorous book covered McCurdy’s struggles as a child star and how they related to his controversial relationship with his exploitative and emotionally abusive mother. An honest first-hand account of the darker side of childhood fame, the book quickly became an international sensation, landing at the top of the New York Times bestseller list and stay in his post for eight consecutive weeks. By all accounts, the outing was a certifiable success, heralding McCurdy as an extremely promising literary talent.

Naturally, the publishing world was eagerly awaiting his next adventure. And now she seems to be moving. As reported by Weekly editorsthe old iCarly star recently signed a seven-figure, two-book deal with Penguin Random House’s Ballantine Books. According to Peter McGuigan of Ultra Literary, who sold the North American rights for the upcoming releases, McCurdy’s advance is worth “several million dollars”. International offers are apparently starting to arrive as well, although McGuigan hasn’t been able to confirm anything yet.

While no details are yet available on what to expect from the books — no titles, no plot synopses, no release dates — career fulfillment seems like an exciting milestone for McCurdy. , whose success as a memoirist put her firmly back in the public eye. eye. According to McGuigan, the actress and writer always wanted to end up crossing over. “Jennette wants to write fiction,” he said. Weekly editors. “Being a novelist is her dream job.”

And when you consider the enthusiastic response to I’m glad my mother died, there’s no reason to doubt that McCurdy will produce something wonderful – and financially successful for the publishing house that invested in her. According to reports, I’m glad my mother died was completely sold out in stores only of them days after its release. And that’s not even counting sales of audiobooks or e-books, which add up to at least 400,000 copies.

So, yes, a worthwhile investment indeed. I’m just curious what she’s going to write about.


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